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I have been remiss in filling my blog with numerous events that have occupied my life the past year.  My year has been an emotional roller coaster ride after I lost my beloved Mom and brother in the span of 2 months late last year.  The sadness lingered and affected my will to jot down happy events. But it is  now time to pull myself together and stop languishing  in sadness. 

As my first input after more than a year, I choose to feature 4 of 7 celebrations of my last birthday.  The other 3, just as significant as the others will be featured in the next blog. 

In early July, my cosmetic dentist & travel room mate Dr. Cecile Infantado hosted 3 birthday celebrants- Frannie Jacinto, Francis de Leon & myself in a delicious Thai Degustation dinner at Benjarong, Dusit Thani Hotel.  This birthday dinner kicked off the succeeding birthday celebrations. 

Joint celebration with celebrants
Frannie Jacinto & Francis de Leon at
Dusit Hotel's Benjarong Thai Restaurant
hosted by Dr. Cecile Infantado
The celebrants, the host and guests at back row:
Dr. Cecile, Alfredo Roca, Natalia Jacinto & Paul Johnson

On July 20, businessman and good friend David Lim hosted a swinging birthday party. After a few glasses of bubbly, Rupert Jacinto, Lilibeth Campos & host David Lim, got hold of the microphones & started to sing a medley of danceable tunes prompting dance afficionados Agile Zamora, Ofi Wadle, Duday Tuason, Suzette Ayson, George & Becky Garcia and the others to take the dance floor by storm!  The guests took turns singing & dancing all night.  What a memorable birthday party! 

David Lim hosted at his 
palatial home with a
high energy birthday party. 
David, Tina & Rupert Jacinto

The Gang: Cris Badiola, Agile Zamora,
Ofi Wadle, Lilibeth & Paqui Campos, 
 Duday & Noel Tuason, Rupert & Tina J

The Ladies: Tina Cuevas, Hera Geriene, 
Suzet Ayson, Rachel de Guzman,
Connie Haw, Agile Zamora,
Ofi Wadle, Duday Tuason, Tina Jacinto

My favorite Swing partner, George Sarakinis

I love my friends! Ariel Arce, David Lim, 
Cris Badiola, Connie Haw, Rupert Jacinto,
 Suzette Ayson, Duday Tuason

Then on July 24, a Chinese lauriat was hosted by Mitch Garcia at Marriott's ManHo.  Mitch is the Director of Sales &  Communications at Marriott. The US Ambassador Sung Kim graced the occasion to my surprise as I was told by his office that he was hosting a diplomatic event that same evening as well.  He cut short his event to attend my birthday dinner! I was truly touched & humbled by his presence. 

Agile Zamora & I are giving Consul Helen Ong some love

                                              Hera Geriene, Virgie & Gerry Lane,Agile Z

Director of Communications of Marriott Manila,
 Michelle Garcia, celebrant Mayenne Carmona, 
US Ambassador Kim Sung, Hera Geriene and Biba San Agustin. 

                                   Hugs & kisses to my PhilStar Colleague, pure hearted Bum Tenorio!

Blowing my cake with all my distinguished guests around me.

The next evening, on July 25, my actual birthday, the Angels to Street Kids family hosted a truly high energy birthday part at Society Lounge. This truly touched me to the core of my being as they took pains in organizing the menu, the birthday cake, the music, and hiring DI's. And all their husbands attended as well! 

Birthdays are a celebration of one's life but what truly makes the day special is the outpouring of love from family and friends!

All in Red to celebrate another year of good health and lots of blessings!
Marisa Carmona Chan, Len Fernandez, Tina Gutierez, and me.

The Angels to Street Kids (ASK) hosted me on my special day. I am so honored & humbled

What are we laughing about? 

ASK family: Suzette Lopez, Len Olbes, Mia Reyes,
 Linda Ley, Rachel de Guzman,
Gina Mohnani, Mia Lim Cruz

The lovable Boys: Cris Badiola, Sitoy de Guzman,
 Noel Tuason, Paqui Campos, Joel del Prado,
 Manny Lopez, Francis de Leon

My sister Marisa watching me blow my cake 


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