Tuesday, February 9, 2016

We are the Angels to Street Kids

Our advocacy is to feed the marginalized children in very poor areas all over Metro Manila.  We also go to hospitals and give cheer to cancer stricken children, to orphanages and senior citizen hubs.  We like to help people who need our help.

                                                        Something is making us laugh

Recently, we went to the Center of Hope to uplift the victims of human traffickers.  Listening to the victims' testimonials made us count our blessings even more.  Speaking for myself, It was a humbling experience and made me put my life into a new perspective.  I am sure the other Angels felt the same way.
Some young members joined us during our
feeding at Gawad Kalinga, Mandaluyong -
Mara Geriene, Stephan Chan, Marco Carmona
Suzette Lopez is clowning around with the  Senior citizens.
Kaye Tinga has always helped us in organizing our feeding in Taguig

We always like to feed in Welfareville which is such a poor area, surrounded by slums
When we feed in Taguig, we meet at Mary Grace for breakfast
Extending help to the poorest kids make us happy
 Feeding in Payatas was memorable. The small boy is Taj Curata, our youngest member
This is how we look in action.  But we glam up for our evening events and recently that is what we did when we celebrated the lives of five of our members.  
We, the Angels to Street Kids (ASK) celebrate our members birthdays.  It was a celebration of life when we hosted the following birthday celebrants on January 15 at BIZU's Showroom on Gamboa Street, Legaspi Village. Celebrants were Linda Ley (Dec. 31) Suzette Ayson (Jan. 2)  Suzette Lopez ( Jan. 18) Ann Ong (Jan. 26) and Rachel de Guzman (Jan 29).

The hosts were Ito Curata, Hera Geriene, Len Olbes, Anna Sia (in absentia) and yours truly.
The night was filled with joy and laughter, memories to last us a lifetime. 

                                                    The Celebrants and the Hosts

                          Mayenne Carmona, Ito Curata, Bob Miller, Len Olbes, Francis de Leon,
                                                           Nikki Tang & Nelson YuVilla

Seated: Suzette Lopez and Yoly Ayson
                         Standing: Rachel de Guzman, Hera Geriene, Len Olbes and Linda Ley

Reminiscing how five friends started a feeding program 5 years ago ( 2011) in Taguig ( and expanded to other places) kept our night going. We have now increased in number and are open to accept more friends who want to join us.  Yes, we have endured all these five years which is quite a feat considering we are not a formal organization.

                                             Seated: Hera Geriene, Len Olbes, and Hera Pante
                                              Standing : Lulu Tan Gan and Mayenne Carmona

                                 Ito Curata, Bizu Owner Annie Tanco, Mayenne C. & Hera G.

                          Sitoy de Guzman, Marc Geriene, Nelson YuVilla and Francis de Leon

                                                     The Celebrants blow their cakes
We are a group of civic minded citizens whose aim is to uplift the plight of the poor, the marginalized, the abused, the abandoned, the uneducated and the neglected by  sharing with them our abundant blessings. We have so much to be thankful for! 
More Power to the Angels to Street Kids! ( ASK) God bless us all!