Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: A Balanced Year

2014 is about to end and I look back at my year with a smile on my face. If I were to judge my year on a scale of 1-10, I would give it an 8.  2014 had the right amount of sugar and spice, give or take a few ingredients that were lacking because of natural disasters or human frailty.

From the outside looking in, I see a wide spectrum of colors on the many aspects of my life  that made my year a good year!  The colors ran bright, brighter, brightest on different categories: exciting social events, travel ( my trip to NYC in July/August was the most exciting), physical activities ( improved my dance and gym training),  health ( much better than 2013, thanks to Villa Medica and fresh cell therapy), cerebral and business pursuits, love interests ( hmmm, a big secret!)  and most importantly, charity work through our feeding group, Angels to Street Kids.  Helping the sick and the marginalized is our main priority.  Helping  friends in our Angel Network who need help is also what we are good at.

Here are some noteworthy activities that were not featured in my Blog, www.mayennesworld,com.  As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  These pictures have their own story to tell.

November 22 - Tatler Ball at the Shangri-La Rizal Ballroom

T is for Tatler.  Cecile Infantado in
Azucar and me in Albert Andrada. 
Francis de Leon, Mayenne Carmona,
Cecile Infantado and Paul Johnston
Wow, look at those rocks!
glamour ladies Mellie Ablaza and Becky Garcia.
My "Hola Guapa" bestie, Tina Cuevas
and new ASK recruit Peter Lau.
With Nuvo French Chef Xavier.
publisher Irene Martel Francisco
with Atom Henares and Vicky Belo. 
my first selfie with celebrity Kim Atienza!
my table mates , attractive couple Joseph and Nel Calata. 
November 22 feeding in Mandaluyong with Mayor Bun Hur Abalos. 

Angels to Street Kids in Action Tess Schoefer,
myself, Hera Gerienne, Cecile Infantado, Len Olbes,
Arlene Sipat, Paul Johnston (back) Francis de Leon,
Jemellie Gonzales, Billy Schomez 
Brother Jimmy Isidro led the prayers at
the start of the activity.  Mayor Ben Hur Abalos
joins the Angels in prayer. 
Mayor Ben Hur gave a talk on the progress
of Mandaluyong City under his stewardship. 
birthday celebrant Tess Schoefer donated T- shirts. 
November 11- Faaabulous V Ball at the Rigodon Ballroom, Peninsula Hotel

Mela Bengson,  Virginia Lane, Ann Ong,
Rupert Jacinto, Hera Gerienne
and Mayenne Carmona
Mitch Garcia, Mellie Ablaza, Tina Cuevas
Virginia Lane, Nene Leono and Marife Zamora
Shelley Lazaro, Cris Albert, Sheree Chua
Swiss Consul  Raoul Imbach
and his wife Kim Imbach
 David Lim with his silkscreen portrait
Linda Ley in Charina Sarte
 in the gallery of portraits
Jun Jun Ablaza, Virginia Lane
and Ann Ong in front of V. Lane"s portrait 
October 18 - Red Cross Ball at Makati Shangri-La Rizal Ballroom

Ann Ong in John Paras, Francis de Leon,
Mayenne Carmona in Fredrick Peralta,
Carlo Gonzales and Jemellie Gonzales 
December 6 - Feeding of Senior Citizens in Taguig and lunch with Kaye Tinga.

Linda Ley with the Seniors 

Francis de Leon, Mayenne Carmona,
Anna Sia, Rachel de Guzman, Peter Lau.
Suzette Lopez, Emma Pante and Bob Miller
Cecile Infantado, Hera Geriene and Pretzel Legaspi
Kaye Tinga, Taguig's beloved First Lady
during her husband's term hosted lunch
for the Angels at her lovely home.
December 6 - Consular Ball at the Rizal Ballroom of the Makati Shangri-La 

a sleigh ride with Santa and Philip Dizon 
Alex Salvador, Jemellie Gonzales, Philip Dizon,
Mayenne Carmona, Ann Ong, Dr. Joni Dizon
Len Olbes, Ann Ong in Harlan,
Jemellie Gonzales in Albert Andrada,
Fortune Ledesma in Cary Santiago,
Mayenne Carmona in Azucar and Philip Dizon
December 13 - Christmas Feeding and Distribution of Food Packs, Welfareville,  Mandaluyong

Angels to Street Kids at work
 Rachel de Guzman, Mayenne Carmona,
Emma Pante, Francis de Leon,  Anna Sia, Peter Lau
Kids enjoying their lunch.
December 18 -  Chaine des Rotisseurs at Marco Polo, Cebu

Chaine des Rotisseurs giveaway
Mayenne Carmona, Jun Selma,
Carmen Campbell and Mike Lopez
Hans Hauri, beloved GM of Marco Polo,
Cebu, gave his parting speech. 
lovely couple, Agnes and Greg Heuttel
I hope to see more of Bo Hauri in Manila. 
December 19 - HedKandi Concert at Crimson Hotel, Mactan

the plunge pool of my Villa
the TV screen in front of the tub is a touch of luxury
towel art is one of Crimson's
personal touches
my group for dinner at the HedKandi concert  
Looking forward to 2015!  May the Angels to Street Kids serve the marginalized even better than we did in 2014.  Happy New Year everyone!