Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Luxury Destination, Kandaya Resort

It was a three hour drive from our hotel in the city but all our cares were washed away the moment we set foot in Kandaya Resort.  To us sleep-deprived travelers, it was a treat to see a stretch of white sand, an expanse of blue, calm waters which seem to connect with the bluest skies, and some coco trees swaying with the breeze.    We all exclaimed in unison,  "Oh God, how beautiful this is!"

Kandaya Resort, is an emerging luxury destination among resort seekers whose main criteria are comfort, gourmet meals, a Spa that offers soothing massages & beauty treatments and a wellness center that offers detox and diet programs.  The desires of their hearts and more will be catered to by Kandaya and their excellent staff, an efficient team of hospitality people who will help them explore their life's journey.  
For athletic individuals, there are two tennis courts, a gym with trainers, a Yoga and Meditation hall,  a Mix Martial Arts studio, an infinity swimming pool and water sports.  

With 22 villas and 18 contemporary styled rooms and suites, Kandaya provides you an intimate and personalized opportunity to recharge and rejuvenate while enjoying a retreat from the pressure of everyday challenges.  

A blessing and a cocktail/dinner party kicked off the Resort's opening on November 8, attended by Cebu's A-Listers and friends from Manila. The event started at sunset and ended at the wee hours of dawn.  An endless supply of bubbly and vino, a sumptuous buffet, and two live bands with a saxophonist kept us on our dancing feet all night long.  The full moon lighted our way to our villas and rooms, a bit inebriated but joyful for this wonderful experience at Kandaya Resorts. 

or 032-260 6006
website: Kandaya Resort 

Kandaya is their legacy to health & wellness seekers: owners Carlos and Mariquita Yeung
where the sea meets the sky!
this took our breath away!
Kusina, the main dining room
the inviting king size bed with immaculate sheets!
bubble bath for 2 and a view of the plunge pool!
Mr. and Mrs. Kandaya, Martin and Claudia Yeung, undertook the building and opening of Kandaya.  Guests were shuttled to the main building by golf carts. 
Mariquita Yeung with Cebu's A-Lisyers Teresin Mendezona, Amparito Lhuillier, artist par excellence Jewelle Yeung, Laarni Estrada, Carmen Campbell
Cora Schweimer, Sari Yap, VP of OneMegaGroup, Laarni Estrada, Amparito Lhuillier, Cebu's pride Cary Santiago, Margie Lhuillier, the author
Businessman and Art Connoisseur Jun Selma is in a party mood!  with sensational Saxophonist, Philippine Star writer Mayenne Carmona and Margie Lhuillier. 
The Hotel and Reception area  of  Resort
 jump in Anna!
the party place!
Hmmm. I like her tatooo.
Irresistible Brazilian Samba dancers with charmer Jun Selma.
political writer Mike Acebedo Lopez with Manila Mayor Estrada. 
Monsieur Alain Dickstrikes a pose with the sexy Brazilian Samba dancers. 
Mariquita's friends flew in from different countries- Cora,  Maribi, Dada, and Joy!
Cebu's Mayor Mike Rama, Philippine Star columnist Mayenne Carmona and Project Runway's host, Teresa Herera. 

LifeStyle Asia EIC, Anna Sobrepena
Yolanda battered the town so badly that I refused to look at what happened to Kandaya.  My family had to help the homeless and the starving people first before thinking of Kandaya", says Mariquita Yeung, the woman with a heart of gold for the marginalized.  
Mega's Sari Yap and Philippine Star's Bum Tenorio gave the samba dancer some stiff competition. 
One of the guests of honor, Manila Mayor Erap Estrada, with Laarni, Amparito Lhuillier, Carmen Campbell.
to cap my fun-filled Kandaya experience, a massage from therapist Velle Bourton .