Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Dr. Eugene Mende's Charity Birthday for Children with Cancer at Tahan-Tahanan

As I was looking through the photos of Dr. Eugene's birthday celebration in collaboration with the ASK (Angels to Street Kids) members in Tahan, Tahanan at East Avenue Medical Center. I could not help but shed some tears.  Seeing the joy in the faces of the children (afflicted with the dreaded disease of Cancer) while being entertained by a Master of ceremonies, a magician and the Jollibee Mascot was priceless. Even for just a few hours, these children who have been dealing with pain and sadness for some years now while fighting for their life, were given joy by some entertainers.  Because of the the good heart and generosity of Dr. Eugene, who always spends his birthday with the marginalized and the sick, these kids had a  momentary escape from the reality of their circumstances.
The gifts for the children and the mothers were bought from Top man, Top Guy and Zara. The children were given clothes and toys.  

Our first foray to Tahan Tahanan was on March 1, 2014, when fellow ASK members, Len Olbes and Emma Pante, decided to spend their birthday celebration there.  We got introduced to the mothers of the children with cancer who described to us their child's condition. There were a number of young kids afflicted with eye cancer. It was sad to see one 6 year old girl, Marien de Jesus, whose eye cancer metastasized to her cheek. During this visit with Dr. Eugene, what saddened us the most was the way her retinoblastoma cancer took a bad turn. In just 25 days, her face was deformed beyond recognition. The hospital's pedia-oncologist Dr. Victoria Abesamis described her cancer as a very aggressive form.  We raised the 52,000PHP that was needed for her 35 radiation and we are keeping our fingers crossed that she survives the treatments.

This Holy Week, as we contemplate on Jesus' Passion and Death on the Cross, we should remember the words of the Bible:  John 3,16: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. 

IF we believe in Jesus, we should follow in His footsteps and help His poor children.  He blessed us abundantly so we could share our blessings with the marginalized.  God bless Dr. Eugene and our friends who have helped us, Angels to Street Kids,  in our advocacy of sharing and feeding the hungry, the sick,the aged and the poor in spirit. 

For those who wish to contribute to our feeding program, contact: Pretzel: 0917 7910725.

Dr. Eugene, our celebrant with MaryAnn Widjaja,
and ASK members, Mayenne Carmona,
Rachel de Guzman, Ann Ong, Hera Geriene
and Linda Ley 
Dr. Eugene giving a pep talk to the kids.
The two kids in wheelchairs are amputees
because of bone cancer. 
the gifts of Dr. Eugene for the children and mothers 
the magician wowed the kids.
our first time to visit Tahan-Tahanan was
during Len Olbes and Emma Pante's birthday celebration.
Ask Members: Suzette Lopez, Ann Ong, Jemellie Gonzalez,
rachel de Guzman, Len Olbes, Emma Pante,
Linda Ley, Francis de Leon and Mayenne Carmona
ASK members dance with the mothers of the sick kids. 
we asked the mothers to describe
to us the condition of their child
Jollibee Mascot entertains the kids
Pretzel Legaspi shows Mr. Jollibee
6 year old Marilen Nunez, whose cancer
deformed her face and needs radiation badly. 
Dr. Eugene strikes a pose with his well wishers.
Jun Parreno, CEO of Discovery Leisure Group(2nd from rt)
donated blankets and pillows. Maggie Bilgos
to his left is the GM of the center. 


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