Saturday, March 22, 2014

Villa Medica

A trip to Villa Medica, be it for a familiarization tour or for curative, anti aging treatments is truly an experience of a lifetime.  The establishment has carved a niche for itself in personalized health care, rejuvenation and regenerative medicine through Fresh Cell Therapy.  Receiving an invitation from Thai owner Bobby Kittychaiwong was indeed a treat and gave me an insight on the hows and the whys of its success. 
Our motley group consisted of Manila Director Suzette Lopez, Lifestyle Asia EIC Anna Sobrepena, actresss and Ms. Universe title holder Gloria Diaz, PhilStar columnist Kathleen Subijano, Inquirer's Che Che Moral and People Asia's Paolo de la Cruz. 
Our flight was on Etihad except for Paolo who was on Emirates. The luxury van of Villa Medica  picked us up in Frankfurt airport and it was a pleasant hour and a half drive to Endokoben, home site of Villa Medica.  Endokoben is within the picturesque countryside of Vorderpfalz, a renowned wine area in SW Germany-the perfect setting for nurturing serenity and connecting with nature. 

Fresh Cell Therapy-the Pathway to Longevity and Vitality
Fresh cell therapy is natural, safe and scientifically proven therapy whereby fresh or live cells from sheep fetus are injected into the patient for anti-aging and healing purposes.  Developed by the Swiss Medical Surgeon, Prof. Dr. Paul Niehans in 1931, the therapy triggers a person's natural immune system to stimulate the body's own regenerative and healing ability. Fresh cell therapy is applied for rejuvenations, longevity and healing of diseases which have been unsuccessfully treated by conventional medicine.  
FCT has a proven high success rated for the treatment of a wide range of diseases. It is the most comprehensive and regenerative approach to health maintenance and anti- aging presently available. It is also the only process in the world proven to be safe and effective in slowing the aging process and helping regain youth through improvement in skin tone and complexion, reduction in wrinkles, stabilization of mental power and increase in vitality, energy levels and physical power. 

Testimonial from a satisfied client

I spoke to Emil Sison who was there for maintenance of his Parkinson's disease.  It was his second trip to Villa Medica.  "Last year, my Parkison's reached it's peak. My speech was impaired, I could hardly be understood and my hands were uncontrollably shaking most of the time.  I went to 6 top hospitals in Metro Manila and all they could show me were their new machines, no substantial evidence of a cure.  I went to Villa Medica and after my first treatment, my speech came back normally and my hand hands except for two fingers (the 4th and 5th of the right hand) stopped  shaking. But even the two fingers are just lightly shaking. I am very happy with their treatment and my cure. I feel normal again." 

Based on the testimonies of their satisfied clients, I can say with confidence that I will endorse Villa Medica to  both sick people and people who wish to be rejuvenated and feel general well being, 

For inquiries: Villa Medica Manila Director Suzette Lopez: 09178982341; Operations manager RoseMarie Fernandez-09178420292

Kathleen Subijano, Suzette Lopez,
Paolo de la Cruz, Anna Sobrepena, Bobby Kittichaiwong, (owner)
Myself, Gloria Diaz, Che Che Moral 

Suzette and I enjoy Villa Medica's garden
the luxurious van with a mini bar
picked us up in Frankfurt airport

we were given intravenous Vitamin infusions
on our first day for energy and well being. 
Cris Aquino, Villa Medica's spokesperson and PR man,
owner Bobby Kiitichaiwong and Sam at the back. 
orchids to brighten my room on a wintry day
Emil Sison is one happy Villa Medica client
my impeccable bed with delicious fresh sheets. 
Dr. Geoffrey Hurtgen,
Villa Medica Director and myself
departure day. 4th from left,( standing) , Dr. Albert Morato, Filipino doctor at Villa Medica bids us goodbye. 
final dinner hosted by Bobby Kittichaiwong,
our host, on the night of our departure for Manila
panna cota with raspberry sauce,  my utmost favorite!


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