Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Faabulous Gala for Yolanda Victims

The yearly Faabulous coffee table book of Rupert Jacinto was launched recently at the 3rd floor Gallery of the Manila Peninsula.  The book is a collection of portraits of distinguished personalities of the Philippines, some more distinguished than others.  This year, the guest of honor for the Faaabulous Book IV launch (yes, this is now the fourth book) was Fidel Ramos, former President of our Republic, who together with artist Betsy Westendorf, Elaine Villar, GM of Peninsula Sonja Vodusek, and National artist Arturo Luz, cut the ribbon to formally open the exhibit. 

Viewers of Rupert Jacinto's portraits of the fabulous men and women reveled at the artistry of Jacinto's portraiture.  Every portrait has the distinct Jacinto touch, like a master painter perfecting his art at every stroke of his brush.  

In as much as every portrait has its own charm and beauty, the surprise of the exhibit is the portrait of the Black and White Swan.  It is a fantasy portrait of myself and my dance teacher, Ryan Jago.  Like art imitating art, I copied Natalie Portman's heavy eye make-up and hair decor when she portrayed a prima ballerina in the Black Swan.  The portrait received positive reviews all night. Dress designer  Ito Curata excalimed, "I love Mayenne's portrait. That really is Faabulous!" Art collector Tereret Liboro said it in Spanish, "muy distinto y differento! Me gusta mucho!" President Ramos posed with me and gave it the thumbs up! John Gaddi tweeted- "Winner! Mayenne's portrait is a masterpiece! "

The Gallery guests segued to the ballroom where a Gala dinner followed the coctail launch.  Hosted by the inimitable Johnny Litton, the Gala which was a fund raising for the victims of Yolanda, had an auction of art pieces donated by National artist Arturo Luz and Betsy Westerndorf.  

The highlight of the evening was seeing the beautiful ladies in their black or white gown.  They were eye popping gorgeous, and the scene seemed like a fashion parade of haute couture gowns.  Manila's fashionistas will always support a good cause!
Javy Berenguer Managing Director of
Salon de Ning of Peninsula, Ofi Wadle And
Kim Mattias in Albert Andrada, and Kim Policarpio
Tessa Prieto Valdes
Mayenne Carmona, Fidel Ramos, (guest of Honor)
and Tina Jacinto.
Art for art's sake-Ryan Jago as the White Swan
and myself as the Black Swan.
Rupert Jacinto, Hera Geriene in Ito Curata,
Cecile Infantado in Azucar, Mayenne in Kim Gan, Henry Zabarte
Agile Zamora and Jun Jun Ablaza
Sonny Tanchanco, haute couture designer Ito Curata and John Gaddi
Vice Governor of Isabela and one of the
15 Faabulous Men, Tonypet Albano 
Lilibeth and Pacqui Campos, one of the Faabulous Couples
Faabulous ladies in Ann Ong's fashion jewelry pieces-
Ann Ong and Rachel de Guzman
Louis Ablaza, Mayenne in a John Paras gown and David Lim

President Ramos and Dr. Rene Samaniego
Rene Puno, Ann Puno in  Ito Curata, Ito Curata
Tess Schoefer, extreme right with her friends from Germany,
Eden and Lorna. Francis de Leon at the back
Becky Garcia
Madame Nene Leonor, one of the two cover ladies
portrait of attractive couple Manny and Suzette Lopez was a stand out!


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