Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tess Schofer's Heartwarming Birthday Celebration!

There is something about maturing in years that changes one's perspective of a birthday celebration.  Time was when a birthday celebration had to be something grandiose with all the guests dressed to the nines, or a trip to some exotic place with your besties to provide the fun element.  But as we mellow through the years, we tend to be more thoughtful of the marginalized and share with them our blessings. 

Hong Kong-based Tess Schoefer decided to fly to Manila the day before our Saturday feeding and join our "Angels to Street Kids" network (Ask for short).  She chose to spend her birthday feeding 200 kids in a poor barangay at Taguig, where Michelle de Leon, our organizer brought us that day.  Our new recruit, Ariel Arce, delighted the kids with his treat of Arce ice cream. 
Having been pre-empted that it was Tess' birthday, Michelle made sure that the kids  welcomed her with the "happy birthday song".  One child brought her a single rose which brought the birthday celebrant to tears.  

ASK members in Sto. Nino Catholic School,
Taguig for Tess Schofer's  birthday feeding.
Tess Schoefer takes delight in carrying a child.
ice cream treat! thanks to Arce Dairy!
Suzette Lopez, Michelle de Leon, Rachel de Guzman,
celebrant Tess Schoefer, Linda Ley and Mayenne Carmona

Ariel Arce at work!

The day just started for Tess.  Later in the evening, the ASK network  planned a Halloween party as a way of thanking her for her generosity and to celebrate jointly with her, the birthdays of our host and ASK member, dress designer Ito Curata, and man for all seasons, businessman Cris Badiola.  It was a creative and fun Halloween party as the ladies planned a beauty pageant kind of costume party where they came representing different countries.  It was the brainchild of Linda Ley who even ordered sashes of the countries the ladies represented.  One thing about the Angel ladies, they certainly know how to have fun!  Talking about authenticity,  Geisha  lady Rachel de Guzman came with the total look- Japanese kimono, the hairdo and the white Kabuki makeup! 

the beauty pageant contestants:
Miss New York, Tina Jacinto, Miss Saudi Arabia,
Hera Geriene, Miss Thailand, Cecil Infantado,
Miss Spain, Mayenne Carmona, Miss Venezuela,
Tess Schoefer, Miss China, Linda Ley, Miss Russia,
Suzette Lopez and Miss Japan, Rachel de Guzman.
Taj Curata was our mascot.
Tina Jacinto, our host and birthday celebrant Ito Curata,
and Linda Ley 
birthday celebrant Tess Schoefer
was our songbird for the evening 

Cris Badiola, Tess Schoefer, Marcio Silva Camargos, 
Bob Miller, Francis de Leon
seated- Anthony Wahl, Tina Jacinto, Rupert Jacinto
Hugh Napier, Richard Tiu and fashion jeweler creator, Ann Ong
Miss Thailand Cecil Infantado with Anthony Wahl
Russian Czar and Czarina,
Manny and Suzette Lopez
geisha Rachel de Guzman and Jason Ong
Handsome dinner host Architect Conrad Onglao
& birthday celebrant Tess Schoefer

Leo Valdez and Me
Ryan Jago strikes a pose in the dinning room w/ its fabulous view.

On the evening of Tess arrival, I whisked her to a small intimate dinner party in her honor that our good friend Architect Conrad Onglao graciously hosted in his new, fabulous house.   It was an evening of nostalgic reminiscing of their schooldays in UST, College of Architecture where the two of them were schoolmates.  The King and I star Leo Valdez kept us in stitches with his jokes and anecdotes and entertained us with a few songs, while my bestie Ryan Jago took souvenir photos in my new Sony camera! 


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