Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Three Birthday Celebrants

This blog is dedicated to three birthday honorees, myself included and the way we celebrated our special day.  

Soul brother Atty. Rene Puno celebrated with a bang at the 22nd floor of the Bellevue Hotel in Alabang on June 22.   Hosted by his lovely wife Ann Santa Cruz Puno and his children Renee Ann, Luis and Yago in attendance, his party was well attended by Manila's social luminaries.  The guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner marked by excellent wines, a buffet with a good selection of dishes and a good band with noted performing artists. 

To Rene, may you continue to be blessed with good health, prosperity and an abundance of lasting friendships.

The family- Luis, Renee, the celebrant, Ann and Yago Puno.

Ariel Arce, Dody Puno, Richard Tiu
Ryan Jago, Mayenne Carmona, Francis de Leon
Marivic Vasquez, Richard Tiu, Nini Layug
Atty. Rene Puno, Ann Puno, Dr. Nik Lombos, Ramil Lombos
Ed Ramirez, JoAnne Rae Ramirez, 
Charilu Puno, Ann Puno, Val and Ping Sotto

I would like to give my loving friends who hosted me two dinner parties for my birthday lots of XOXOXO.  As a July Leo through and true, a lot of TLCs from family and friends mean so much to me.  There are three more birthday parties lined up for me but suffice for me to feature the first two.  At the Cafe Marriott, Cecile Infantado, Linda Ley, Manny and Suzette Lopez hosted me with lots of champagne wishes and caviar dreams!  Next day, all roads led to the Valle Verde residence of everybody's fave couple Jojo and Henry Zabarte.  Not even rain and traffic could stop the guests from attending the dinner party for me!

OH NO, It's Johnny Litton...he rushes in from a 
black-tie hosting job to give me a birthday kiss!  Sweet!
Cheers! Dr. Cecile Infantado, Linda Ley, 
Suzette Lopez at the Marriott Cafe!
Manny Lopez, an August Leo used to celebrate 
with me. That evening he helps me blow my cake!
Ito Curata, Lilibeth & Paqui Campos
Bob Miller, Ann Ong, Francis de Leon
Lulu Tan Gan came in from a pictorial! poses 
with hostess with the mostest, Jojo Zabarte!
Dr. Cecile Infantado, Frannie Jacinto, Len Olbes
 back: Dr. George Sarachines, Jojo Zabarte, 

Becky Garcia, Jess Tan Gan, Rupert Jacinto
Francis de Leon, and Henry Zabarte
 help me with another cake blowing
Luis Ablaza's Diamond birthday milestone was one event that Manila's 800 attended in full force.  Not devoid of drums, drama and daring, Luis' celebration will be talked about for the longest time.  Guests were in their formal finery to match the Diamond theme of the party.
Just like a movie set, visualize this scenario: 
Drums roll...James Bond theme as background music....Luis is on stage, with a bevy of the most gorgeous ladies in their daring-est long gowns....he is escorted down the stage by this entourage of stunners, each one more gorgeous than the next...walks to his table, awaited by his gorgeous wife, Mellie, radiant in a Cary Santiago diamond encrusted nude colored gown.

Highlights of the evening: his very talented  grandchildren performing on violins for him and his touching speech, giving a lot of credit to his wife, family and God for all of life's abundant blessings! 

In lieu of gifts, a donation to Luis' charity was stated in the invitation. 
Cheers to Luis and his philanthropic endeavors!

Mellie & Louie Ablaza.
The talented Ablaza grandchildren on the violins
accompanied by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra-
Amanu, Azia, Agu & Alfonso Syquia
Susan Joven, Joanne Rae Ramirez,
Mellie Ablaza, Mayenne Carmona
 David Lim, Mia Borromeo & Johnny Litton
Bob Miller, Mela Bengson & Cris Badiola
Tessa Prieto Valdez and Ito Curata
Virgie Lane, Marivic Vasquez and Margie Moran