Saturday, May 18, 2013

Eat, Breathe, Relax, Love at Crimson Alabang

OMG!  My weekend at Crimson, Alabang, the newly opened boutique hotel in Alabang, was fun filled, enriched by the presence of beautiful friends.   Director of Communications and Marketing, the dynamic and charismatic Francis de Leon surprised me with an intimate dinner with ladies of style and substance- Suzette Lopez, Linda Ley and Hera Gerienne.   The dinner was a riot, but in a refined kind of way.  We complimented the dinner with a lot of laughter, with entertainment provided by the lovely China doll, Linda Ley, who very few people know is a natural born comedienne.  We almost fell off our chairs listening to her funny stories, all at her expense.  A woman who can make fun of herself without fear of being judged is a woman who is very confident of her being and I am sure all of you will agree with me.    

All I can say is, Café 8 at Crimson Alabang will be on our lips as the best buffet spread in that area.  The selection is so varied that it can satisfy all your cravings. 
 A gathering of close friends- Mark Ley, myself, Hera Gerienne, Linda Ley, Francis de Leon, Suzette Lopez at the Café 8

Enjoying the breeze at the poolside deck.
I opted to stay for the weekend as I wanted to be punctual for the pictorials that I scheduled at Crimson the next day. 
Crimson's rooms are cozy, well appointed  and in colors that are relaxing to the senses.  The bed is firm, just right for back support.  The pillows are fluffy and the bed linens are soft to the skin.   I slept like a baby in this room.   Goodbye stress!

I loved lazy-ing around the pool-but only after sunset!  I did my meditation focusing on my breathing exercises and some mild yoga exercises here.

A pictorial could be long and tedious but the Crimson staff was so helpful, and Mr. Francis de Leon made sure that the pictorial would be made pleasurable.   The stylists, photographer, assistants and model did not get hungry. Neither were they short of “locations” in the hotel.  Kenner had to do a black tie shoot at my insistence.   The lounge with the grand piano was the perfect spot for this.

Say Cheese…. VP of SM Accessories Kenner Chua seems happy with his pictorial and Francis de Leon is happy about that.
Prince Charming, where is the ball?
A colorful area!  The painting, the 3 seater -sofa, the carpet, and Kenner Chua seemed to blend in!
This square oversized ottoman fascinates me.  Hmmm.. good for lounging with a partner... among other things

New pieces of art greet the guests on the ground floor entrance.
on both sides of the wall are these mural:

Fresh fruits and a platter of pastries greeted me when I entered my room on my 2nd evening of my stay.   Yummy!

The bed beckons!  The luxury of sleep!

Work and a lot of relaxation! That was my weekend at Crimson, Alabang.
Was it a love-filled weekend? Absolutely! There was nothing not to love at Crimson Alabang! … I loved their buffet( breakfast, lunch, dinner), the gym is well equipped with good trainers, my room was haven-ly, the service was above par.  What else could one ask for? 


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