Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dancing was Hot during Marisa's Latin Night Birthday Gig!

When sister Marisa announced that her birthday theme this year was Latin, her Saturday night group started to think of surprise numbers for her.  Practices with dance teachers started in a frenzied pace which admittedly was quite stressful as it felt to me like we were all cramming for an exam.  Marisa sensed something was afoot because we all looked fatigued during a dinner at her house a few days prior to her party!  “you all look tired! What’s up?” she voiced out!

We had Fun dancing our surprise numbers.  Sister Annie and hubby Thomas (who never danced in his life B. M. (before marriage ) but is now good enough to give exhibition numbers)  gave a cha cha/belly dance number, Rey and Chrissie Santayana danced a mambo and I did a sassy Rumba/Samba fusion number with my international dance teacher Ryan Jago.  To the tune of Saturday night fever, a flash Mob group dance a la Travolta led by Rey Santayana ended the program. Everyone was having so much fun dancing it that it looked a bit messy and out of sync! LOL!!!  They insisted on redeeming themselves by dancing it again and again until it looked perfect!!  Marisa enjoyed the surprise numbers and was appreciative of everyone's effort. 

The Arriba  Band  made everyone trip the Latin light fantastic the whole evening.  First on the dance floor was our ballroom dancer Mommy.  She set the mood for everyone  with her dance partner, Rey de Los Angeles.  As usual, Brother Charlie was on the mike with the Arriba band . We were too high to notice if he was in tune or not.  The energy was high and everyone did their thing on the dance floor.  Steven Chan, Dr. Nonie Fernandez, Taddy Gonzalez  showed off their dance skills!
Marisa regaled us with two skillful Argentine Tango dance numbers with her Tango teacher Jun Borja.  Brother James Borja and partner Gina Sala also gave an impressive Argentine Tango dance exhibition with breathtaking lifts!
Dance is so good for the body, mind and spirit that it is actually a part of our lives.  Our mother started it all when she started to do ballroom dance more than thirty years ago.  Her love for dance rubbed off on her daughters and today we are all studying dance and having fun in the process.  Marisa and Loudette are into Argentine Tango, Annie and I are into Latin dances. 

Just like the past years, Marisa Carmona Chan's birthday party was a rousing success.  But this year's Latin night really rocked!! let's have more parties like this one!

Steven Chan cuts a cheeky regae number with Birthday Celebrant Marisa.
The Arriba Band added animo to the party!
Inday and Manolo Carmona are still sweet after decades of togetherness! 
The party place was decorated by Anton Baretto
Joe Marie and MaryAnn Chan, Luly de Leon and birthday celebrant Marisa
Getting ready for our Rumba/ Samba-Ryan Jago and I flank the birthday celebrant 
The Tangueros-James Borja, Jacky Doctor, Gina Salas, Marisa, Jun Borja and myself
 Ivana Toscic of Chameleon,  Mr. & Mrs. Torres, The celebrant and brother Charlie
The Mob flash dancrs-Taddy Gonzalez, Crissie Santayana, Pria Gonzalez, Vicky Lopez, Marisa Chan, Len fernandez and Inday Carmona
engaged couple Mara Leviste & Franco Chan
The 3 Musketeers-Charlie, Manolo and Jose Fabian Carmona
Thomas Kuhnke and wife Annie Carmona enjoyed their cha cha/belly dance!
James Borja and Gina Salas gave a breathtaking Argentine Tango!
Rey Santayana led the pack of Travolta Saturday Night dancers.
Ditas Laurel and Crissie Santayana
Milky Way heiress Malou Gamboa is always delighted to have Marisa’s party on the 2nd floor of the Milky Way building.
 Rey de los Angeles keeps Mommy Inday Carmona in her dancing best!
Dance partner Ryan asked to pose with singing Icon Joe Mari Chan!


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