Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chameleon Gala at the Mckinley Room

A fund raising Gala at the Polo club for Chameleon, a non-profit Association that takes care of sexually abused children was held recently at the Mckinley Room of the Manila Polo Club.  Chameleon, with headquarters in Passy,  Iloilo, was founded by a French lady Laurence Ligier, for the purpose of uplifting sexually abused children, age 5-18.  The affair was co-chaired by Viscountess Corinne de Longuemar, ably assisted by Ivana Tosic, who also helps Laurence in running the center in Iloilo.
World famous French born American Chef, Jacky Robert will fly in from Boston to create a delightful Filipino-French fusion menu especially for the occasion. To raise awareness and funds towards Chameleon's valuable work, internationally renowned Filipino artists have donated several artworks for the cause. The pieces will be presented during the Gala dinner and form part of a grand auction entitled "Important Philippine Art" to take place at Salcedo Auctions the following week.
The affair at the Maila Polo Club was a huge success and drew in more than 250 people.
My table consisted of: Atty. Rene Puno and wife Ann, Ito Curata, Bob Miller, Linda Ley, Len Olbes, Emma Pante,  Lulu Tan Gan, Anton Montinola. 

For interested donors, go to
or email Ivana Tosic at 

Beautiful people in our table: Linda Ley, Rene Puno,
Ann Puno, Lulu Tan Gan, Suzette Lopez,
Anton Montinola, myself, Bob Miller, Len Olbes,
Ito Curata, Emma Pante
Anton Montinola and I strike a pose with founder of Chameleon,
Laurence Ligier
my beautiful family- Marisa Carmona Chan,
French brother-in-law-Jean Pierre Corcellut and
Loudette Carmona Corcellut
Len Olbes and Linda Ley, both fans of our favorite artist,
the one and only, Joe Mari Chan
Ito Curata and I are honored to pose with Host of the evening,
Viscountess Corinne de Longuemar
Joy Lagdameo, Mia Borromeo and Severine Miailhe
Cesar Montelibano Jr., Annie Carmona Kuhnke,
Swiss-German brother- in- law Thomas Kuhnke
Leana Farrales Carmona and Charlie Carmona
Isa del Rosario Valenton, Jun Valenton,
Renato Enriquez and Maritess Tantoco Enriquez 
Mara Leviste, handsome and talented Chan brothers Franco & Michael Chan,
Josephine de la Rosa
Emma Pante, Len Olbes, Linda Ley and Suzette Lopez
Knit Queen Lulu Tan Gan and Anton Montinola
my favorite dish of the night, salmon mousse with grilled aubergine 
Gabriella Wegfahrt, Lulu Tan Gan, Ann Puno
Len Olbes and Bob Miller
Atty Rene Puno, Ann Puno, Mayenne Carmona, Linda Ley, Ito Curata
French national dessert--Tarte Tatin, artistically embellished with a flower
our fave crooner Joe Mari Chan and Chameleon founder Laurence Ligier


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