Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cebu Frenzy: Martin and Claudia's Pre Wedding Parties

The wedding preparations of Martin Yeung, the only son of Mariquita and Carlos Yeung were over the top.  As Martin put it to his Mommy Kit, "Mommy, this is not a wedding. It is a big production!" Martin's bride, Claudia de Souza is Brazilian, hence the Brazilian theme in both parties.
There were two nights of parties prior to the wedding day itself.  The first night was in Cowrie Cove, Shangri-La Mactan, a Welcome party to all the guests who flew in from all over the world.  There I saw all our mutual friends who flew in from abroad: Via, Leonore, Renee, Gigi, Cora, Myla, Dada, Vivian and my friends from Cebu: Amparito & Michel, Nora, Teresing, Agnes, Glen Soto, among others.
The Cowrie Cove was decorated by Teresing Mendesona. Flowing white flimsy materials served as the cover of the tent-like decor.  It was an all white party! What an ethereal sight to see everyone in white. 

We danced to Brazilian salsa music all night.
The party the next day was held at the Yeung's Villa Mariquita on top of the hill.  The theme of the party was Brasilia and guests were requested to come in colorful outfits.
The guests were met by Brazilian dancers.  For an instant I was transported back to the Carnival in Rio.  Delicious Brazilian food dominated the buffet tables.  Young beautiful Brazilian models, friends of the bride and groom flew in from Hong Kong.  It was fun watching them dance authentic salsa. 

Gangnam music of Psy was highlighted by a little boy dancing Gangnam style.  He was so talented we made him dance it again and again.
Brazilian music by a Brazilian DJ dominated the airwaves.  
Martin and Claudia played some games that involved their young friends.
Kudos to Jewelle Yeung who organized all the details of the wedding.  She did a perfect job!

It was ethereal to see the guests dressed
in white. Mariquita with her friends

Tripping the light fantastic to salsa music.

Brazilian dancers transported
us to the Carnival in Rio!

Michel Lhuillier, two friends
and Charles Lhuillier

Glen Soto, Mr. and Mrs. Riechle

Ferdi Salvador, Ruffa Guttierrez

Mariquita Yeung, gorgeous in a
squash colored chiffon gown
with her friends from Hong Kong
and Vice Governatorial candidate, Glen Soto

The groom, Martin
and his bride Claudia

Via Marquez Hoffman, Myself,
Mariquita and Amparito Lhuillier

Two Brazillian models Swellen and Kelly

Leonore, Renee, and Myla

Mariquita Yeung,
the hostess with the mostest,
surrounded by her dear friends

I had fun bonding with Leonore, Dada
and Vivian


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