Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Traversing the Orient Celebrates at the Marriott Hotel!

The Premiere issue of Traversing the Orient was launched at the Marriott Hotel in a grand scale.  Manila's A-listers mingled with the magazine's Cover Boys, Kenner Chua, Mikee Romero, Joseph Calata, Marc Nelson, and the beautiful Carla Abellana.  Sadly missing was Derek Ramsay who was busy filming his blockbuster movie, Secret Affair.  But he was represented by his lovely mom, Medy Ramsay. 

Traversing the Orient was already in circulation in Thailand since 2006.  The publisher, Amy de la Cruz Maneelaichitigul, decided to "Filipinize" the magazine and bring it to Manila. With astute businesswoman Dr. Rebecca Wata as her partner and an all Filipino team composed of Mayenne Carmona, Suzette Lopez, Mia Ong, Mark Bumgarner, Tina Jacinto, Ryan Jago, Joy Roa and Margaux Arambulo, the glossy is all set to embark on a long journey.  

The launch was well attended by Manila's gliteratti. 
Award winning wines and bubbly courtesy of Manny O Wines kept the spirits high and a sumptuous buffet jointly sponsored by Marriott and Cravings satisfied even the most discriminating palates.  Raffle prices courtesy of Cathy Valencia Skin and Body Centre, Discovery Shores Boracay, SM Accessories, Integrity Aesthetic and Wellness Center, O.N.E. Naturales, Human Heart Nature, Smiles by Dr. Cecile, Seair, and jewelry by Angela Angeles kept the excitement in high gear.

The team- Ryan Jago, Amy de la Cruz Maneechailitigul
Dr. Rebecca Wata, Mayenne Carmona
Carla Abellana, Mia Ong, Suzette Lopez, Marc Bumgarner
Frances Lim, Gracie Glory Go, Jeannie Goulborn
Pops Fernandez, Aiko Melendez
Cathy and Mike Turville
Posing Manny O Wines ladies Camille
and Yes Dumagan
Atty. Rene Puno, Charade Galang, Dody Puno
Pinky Puno and David Lim
Ruby Chua, Lilibeth Campos, Sonnie Vergara
Atty, Hilda Lim, Ryan Jago, Belinda Adora
Marc Nelson and Mayenne Carmona
Ito Curata, Lilibeth Romero, Bob Miller
 and Sen Sanchez
Amy Arcilla, Rima Ostwani,  David Lim and Linda Ley
Len Olbes, Jean Chua, and Emma Pante
Ann and Atty. Rene Puno and Pinky Puno
Carla Abellana and Marc Nelson
Kenner Chua, Mikee Romero, Carla Abellana
Marc Nelson and Joseph Calata
Suzette and Manny Lopez
Rupert and Tina Jacinto, Hans Hauri
Michelle Garcia
Sheila and Mikee Romero
Yolly Ayson and Becky Garcia
Pilot Joy Roa and Amy Arcilla
Cathy Agar, Carlo Chunungco, Cecile Infantado
and Lexus CEO Daniel Isla
Sonny Tanchanco, Jojo Zabarte and John Gaddi
Cynthia Carreon, Medy Ramsay
and Dr. Rebecca Wata

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cebu Frenzy: Martin and Claudia's Pre Wedding Parties

The wedding preparations of Martin Yeung, the only son of Mariquita and Carlos Yeung were over the top.  As Martin put it to his Mommy Kit, "Mommy, this is not a wedding. It is a big production!" Martin's bride, Claudia de Souza is Brazilian, hence the Brazilian theme in both parties.
There were two nights of parties prior to the wedding day itself.  The first night was in Cowrie Cove, Shangri-La Mactan, a Welcome party to all the guests who flew in from all over the world.  There I saw all our mutual friends who flew in from abroad: Via, Leonore, Renee, Gigi, Cora, Myla, Dada, Vivian and my friends from Cebu: Amparito & Michel, Nora, Teresing, Agnes, Glen Soto, among others.
The Cowrie Cove was decorated by Teresing Mendesona. Flowing white flimsy materials served as the cover of the tent-like decor.  It was an all white party! What an ethereal sight to see everyone in white. 

We danced to Brazilian salsa music all night.
The party the next day was held at the Yeung's Villa Mariquita on top of the hill.  The theme of the party was Brasilia and guests were requested to come in colorful outfits.
The guests were met by Brazilian dancers.  For an instant I was transported back to the Carnival in Rio.  Delicious Brazilian food dominated the buffet tables.  Young beautiful Brazilian models, friends of the bride and groom flew in from Hong Kong.  It was fun watching them dance authentic salsa. 

Gangnam music of Psy was highlighted by a little boy dancing Gangnam style.  He was so talented we made him dance it again and again.
Brazilian music by a Brazilian DJ dominated the airwaves.  
Martin and Claudia played some games that involved their young friends.
Kudos to Jewelle Yeung who organized all the details of the wedding.  She did a perfect job!

It was ethereal to see the guests dressed
in white. Mariquita with her friends

Tripping the light fantastic to salsa music.

Brazilian dancers transported
us to the Carnival in Rio!

Michel Lhuillier, two friends
and Charles Lhuillier

Glen Soto, Mr. and Mrs. Riechle

Ferdi Salvador, Ruffa Guttierrez

Mariquita Yeung, gorgeous in a
squash colored chiffon gown
with her friends from Hong Kong
and Vice Governatorial candidate, Glen Soto

The groom, Martin
and his bride Claudia

Via Marquez Hoffman, Myself,
Mariquita and Amparito Lhuillier

Two Brazillian models Swellen and Kelly

Leonore, Renee, and Myla

Mariquita Yeung,
the hostess with the mostest,
surrounded by her dear friends

I had fun bonding with Leonore, Dada
and Vivian

Monday, November 5, 2012


The invitation said it all! Swinging Silk Party of Hermes : Attire for Girls-Silk Scarves, lipstick, skirts, ballet shoes or heels and for boys-slicked back hair, rockabilly, tuxedo or zoot suit. Think John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John in  Grease!

It was held at the disco of the New World Hotel. Mario Katigbak, Hermes' CEO for Manila,  and his team made sure that every detail was in place, including a live band, male and female dance instructors,  hot dog, popcorn, mini burgers, a cheese spread, sweets,  tatoo artists, and make up artists. Champagne was overflowing and wines and other drinks were yours for the asking. It was soooo swinging, so sexy, so different from the other parties in Metro Manila! We literally let our hair down!  Nobody was a wall flower except those who opted to be.  Swing, boogie, line dancing, cha cha , salsa, we did it all! And at close to midnight, breakfast fare of arroz caldo, croissants, mini sandwiches and desserts were for the famished dancers.  What a night, what a  party!  Thank you Hermes!

Take a ride on the wild side! 

I was so happy to see jeweler and co-judge 
for Ms. Cebu beauty contest, Ana Rocha 

Lilibeth Fernandez, Nympha Valencia, 
Marivic Vasquez, Linda Ley and friends

showing off my tatoo to 
my "amore" Ferdie Salvador.

Felix Ang, Chairman of  
Mercedes Benz and Arthur Young

Tina Jacinto, Helen Ong, and 
Mario Katigbak, the brains behind the event!

Line dancing was fun! 

Rupert and Tina Jacinto, Myself and David Lim
Florence Ko, President of FurnItalia 
and Consul Helen Ong were swinging it!