Monday, September 3, 2012

The Phantom of the Opera Gala was a BLAST!

Gala night of the Phantom of the Opera was full house as expected. Actors Jonathan Roxmouth as the Phantom, Claire Lyon as Christine Daae and Anthony Downing as Raoul must have felt so elated at the standing ovation and numerous curtain calls rendered by the appreciative audience. Impressario Francis Lumen was beaming from ear to ear at the successful ticket sales of the production that they in fact had to extend the run.  

The cast party at the Diamond Hotel rocked!  A delicious selection of hot and cold dishes in the buffet complimented the Beringer Rose champagne and an excellent selection of red and white wines. It was a feast for the hungry cast and guests. 

The highlight of the party was the dancing to the music of a swinging band (too bad the name escapes me.)  The guests clamored for more after two hours of dancing.  

My friends (international Dance Athlete Ryan Jago, cosmetic dentist Cecile Infantado, and daughter Patty) and I had a ball posing with the members of the cast who were so accommodating to all the guests who requested to pose with them.  During my brief  conversation with some of the actors, I gathered that they are really enjoying their stay in Manila because of the warmth hospitality of the Filipino people. 

My "amigos para siempre", Dra. Cecile Infantado, Ryan Jago.
Impressario Francis Lumen and one of his happy guests.
 Society photographer and artist, Alex van Hagen.
Kaye Tinga and her sweet daughter Kayle 

Phil Star columnist Pepper Teehankee 
THE irrepressible Tessa P. Valdez
Patty Infantado and one of the Phantoms at the Diamond Hotel
My Bff, World class Dance Competitor Ryan Jago poses with the talented Jonathan Roxbury, the Phantom of the Opera  
Handsome Christian Downing played Raoul, the Phantom's rival &the lover of Christine Daae, played by the fragile beauty, Claire Lyon
The Christian Loubotin sneakers of TV host and Supreme editor Tim Yap  
The dance party at the Diamond Hotel ROCKED till the wee hours of the Night!
Patty Infantado, Dr. Cecile Infantado, Leo Valdez, and I 
My favorite legal counsel, the debonair Michael Toledo
Ryan Jago was the Phantom of the Night! 


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