Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Surprise Party-What Fun!

It was an invitation from my lovable BFFs, Rene and Ann Puno to a dinner party at the palatial home of Ito Curata and Bob Miller.  They said it was a small group of friends wanting to get together on a Saturday night.

Little did I know that the party was for me! Now I know that when life throws me lemons, I should never feel down and depressed. All I have to do is think of my friends who love and care for me! They are truly a blessing from above!  Loving friends truly make life worth living!

Just look at all the smiling faces of my friends-such happy people with big hearts, I just love them all!

Multi talented Becky Garcia delighted us with her mini piano concert. John Gaddi and I danced a cha-cha/ salsa/ rhumba/ number to one of her pieces. The highlight of the evening were the toasts and roasts of all my dear friends. Oh, and we loved the raffle prizes from Ito and Bob! 

Thank you my BFFs, Rene and Ann, for such a fun, fun, evening! Thank you Ito and Bob for  hosting the party at your Casa Bella!  

Another Birthday Dinner and a Trip to Baclaran Church After!

Suzette Lopez had to host a dinner for me, she would not have it any other way! This time it was at the German Club in Legaspi Village. We agreed to do it on a Tuesday evening so we could go straight to Baclaran church for our weekly novena to our Lady of Perpetual Help. We make it a point to be there at midnight as Novena day is actually Wednesday. Our Baclaran group consists of Linda Ley, Len Olbes, Suzette Lopez, Jojo Zabarte and myself.  This particular Tuesday, our chic lawyer friend, Mela Bengson opted to join us.  Thank you Lord God for my beautiful, loving  generous, kindhearted, caring, fashionista, fun loving, prayerful, spiritual friends! 

Ann and Rene Puno presented me with a big bouquet of my favorite flowers. Angel Rosales was gorgeous in red! 

Bob Miller, Sern Chupikulchai, GM of Thai Airways and his wife Prianusch, Ito Curata and adorable little boy, Taj.

Bob, me and my bouquet which I loved to show off, Sern and Rene P. 

Henry and Jojo Zabarte, Becky Garcia, HK based Italian Angelo and  Tess Schoeffer

Men in Black 3- Sonny Tanchanco, John Gaddi, Bob Miller

John Gaddi, statuesque beauty Suzette Hahn, Bob Miller

Rene welcomes new arrivals Becky Garcia and Linda Ley

Jojo Z. Suzette Lopez, Len Olbes, Henry Z., Angel Rosales

It was the right time for Suzette to have an Ito Curata gown

Linda Ley loves the pedestal and the antique Imari vase! 

Raffle time! Taj was the official prize awarder! Here he gets a cheeky beso from Tess S.

Wow-that's a cylindrical one for Sonny!

That's a rectangular one for Jojo! 

An Octagon for Linda! Intriquing! 

Tea time! desserts were decadent, and the cakes were delicious! Thanks to Linda, Jojo and Angel! They were baking all afternoon! 

Faaabulous photgrapher Rupert Jacinto and wife Tina, with Henry and me! 

Happy faces, big hearts! 

My Baclaran group! I made a birthday wish on the most delicious chocolate lava cake ever! 


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