Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Palm Trees, Tropical Flowers, Leis and Hawaiian Love Songs for Marisa's Birthday

A luau is always a great motif for a summer birthday bash. It was the theme that birthday celebrant Marisa Carmona Chan chose for her birthday in late April.

With the daily mercurial rise of Manila's temperature, it was  "de riguer" for  male guests to come in airy floral loose shirts and ladies in bare floral dresses. The lovely birthday girl welcomed her guests in a summery yellow long dress with bright blue flowers.

Malu Gamboa of Milky Way prepared the perfect luau menu and Anton Barretto, event decorator extraordinaire, filled the walls with floral paintings, and the tables with tons of tropical flowers. Palm trees were all around the party place. Round lamps for prosperity was a detail not to be missed.

The handsome and multi talented Chan brothers, Michael, Joe and Franco and their guest Cowboy provided the dance music. Their Hawaiian love songs, particularly Blue Hawaii, gave me some nostalgic moments.

The surprise program consisted of some songs from Classical singer Stephanie Reese, a surprise Polynesian Argentine tango dance number by me and my dance partner Richard Salas, an Argentine number danced in a recent competition by winners James Borja and partner Gina Salas, and a speech in Bulgarian by multi lingual sister Loudette Carmona Corcellut. It was so sentimental that she preferred to say it in Bulgarian so that Marisa will find it hilarious. It sounded so strange that she kept everyone in stitches.

Argentine tango dance guru Jun Borja and the celebrant delighted the guests with their unplanned dance number.  

It was such a fun birthday bash that guests stayed on till the wee hours tripping the light fantastic.  

Sofia Carmona, Marco Carmona, Michelle, Jose Fabian carmona, Marisa Carmona Chan, the celebrant, Steven Chan, Daddy Manolo Carmona, Bing Tan

Sisters Two- Mayenne Carmona and celebrant Marisa C. Chan

Joe Ansaldo Chan, Lily Chan, BJ Chan Albert, Franco A. Chan

Michael Ansaldo Chan, Teresa Chan, Band player Cowboy, Franco Ansaldo Chan, Mara, and Anna Chan

Lovebirds Charlie Carmona and Leana Farrales Carmona

Forever married lovebirds  Jean Pierre Corcellut and Loudette Carmona Corcellut

Sofia Carmona, Mommy Inday Carmona and Sen Sanchez

Cristine Uy, Pat Uy, celebrant Marisa, Ota Uy and Mariane Uy Onate

Argentine Dance maestros Richard Salas and James Borja with their muses Marisa  Chan and Gina Salas

Annabelle Alejandrino, Len Fernandez, Maricris Olbes

seated-Inday Chan, Antonietta Chan, standing- Lily Chan, Mayenne Carmona, Marisa Carmona Chan. 

Ditas Laurel Marquez, Tina and Bert Limjuco

Thomas Kuhnke, song bird Stephanie Reese, Annie Carmona Kuhnke, Marvie Cojuangco Yulo, Olive Sandico and Vicky Jose

Event Designer Anton Barretto, Loudette Corcellut, Ditas Laurel Marquez

Under the palm tree, Argentine Tango dance partner Richard Salas and me.

The celebrant's pretty staff welcomed the guests with leis:  Russian, Rosaline, Jessa, Richel, Ging Ging.  Dancer and Zumba teacher Richard Salas accepts a lei from them.

Honeymooners, newlyweds, Annie Carmona K. and Thomas Kuhnke.


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