Friday, May 25, 2012

Charity in Taguig at Lunch, Charity with Manille Bienvenue at Night

A month ago, I committed to Kaye Tinga, wife of Congresman Fred Tinga to organize a group of "Angels" to feed the marginalized children in the impoverished area of Taguig.  For four Saturdays in May, in honor of the Blessed Mother, ladies who make a difference, Len Olbes, Amy de La Cruz, Emma Pante, Linda Ley, Mia Ong, Suzette Lopez, Ruby Tiong Tan, Mia Reyes, Rachel de Guzman, Cecile Infantado, Hera Gerienne and I trekked to different Barangays in Taguig to feed the malnourished kids with the help of Kaye's barangay ladies and daughters.  Every now and then, a gentleman would join us.  My Zumba teacher Richard Salas joined us two Saturdays in a row. Angels who could not give their time volunteered their financial resources.

In the evening of May 19, some of us angels were at the Champagne Room of the Manila Hotel, the Grande Dame by the Bay, to attend a charity event organized by the members of the committee of Manille Bienvenue headed by Delphine Diot.  What attracted us to attend was the beneficiary of their charity was a foundation that give help to impoverished kids.

Effervescent lady Lulu Tan Gan organized us ladies to attend the event with her. It was a fabulous event.  Different vintage and brands of champagne were served to our satisfaction, dinner was both for gourmets and gourmands and each dish was matched with the best wines. Leave it to the French to serve only the best wines and champagne.

We were just a handful of  Filipino ladies who attended the successful event organized by the members of this association, Manille Bienvenue. Manille Bienvenue was created to help the newly arrived French expats and their family or French speaking expats to better adjust in Manila.  The association offers activities for children and adults. The members have monthly meetings to organize tours and social events. They work closely with the French Chamber of Commerce and the Club of the Damas Latinas. They are involved in different charity work all over the Philippines.  Indeed, their vision is to help improve the plight of the marginalized sector of our population.  We salute them in their different charitable endeavors and their generosity of spirit.

Cela va sans dire that we truly enjoyed the evening which was capped by a lot of dancing which made the event even more fun!

The Angels who go to Taguig every Saturday to feed the marginalized kids- Mia Reyes, Michelle, Suzette Lopez, Mia Ong, Ruby Tiong Tan and Ej Ong

Hungry, malnourished kids

Len Olbes, Myself, Linda Ley supervising the children's meal

Always elegant, the Champagne room at Manila Hotel, the Grande Dame by Manila Bay

Lulu Tan Gan, Moi, one of the organizers of the affair, Corrine de Longuemar, Linda Ley

Beautiful angels of the Night-Len Olbes, Hera Gerienne, Cecile Infantado, Emma Pante

Dress Designer Dennis Lustico, Linda Ley, myself,  Knit Queen Lulu Tan Gan

Len Olbes  and Dennis Lustico

Duo in White (by Patrice Diaz Ramos) and Bronze (Parisienne gown by George Bonnet)

International expat ladies gave the event their whole-hearted support

Dr. Cecile, Hera, Pinky, Linda and Emma

We were at Lulu's table. The dinner was tres delicieux! 


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