Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell to 2012

What happened to December? It is just a whirl in my memory.  There were the endless Christmas parties, countless days of shopping for the inevitable gift giving which characterizes the season, and to add to my delightful stress, I had  my newspaper and magazine deadlines to contend with.  Did I do anything significant during the year?

Time flies and in a blink of an eye, it is now Dec. 30.  I must have done a million and one things during the year but the most significant thing I did was organizing a feeding program for the poor. I rounded up my girl friends, (Len  Olbes, Emma Pante, Suzette Lopez, Linda Ley, Mia Ong, Mia Reyes, Rachel de Guzman, Amy de la cruz,, Ruby Tiong Tan) and asked Kaye Tinga to help us organize a feeding program in the poorest sections of Taguig. We brought food to malnourished kids and occasionally to the Senior Citizens.  We did this every Saturday morning for several months.  Our last feeding session was the first Saturday of December and then we will resume again on Jan 5. We call ourselves Angels to Street Kids, (ASK for short).

Some of the the Angels to Street Kids: 
Ruby Tiong Tan, Mayenne Carmona, Rachel de Guzman
Suzette Lopez, (back) Michelle de Leon, Helen Alviz and 
Pretzel Legaspi.

Kaye Tinga and daughters Kyle and Kerry help us feed 
the malnourished kids in one of Taguig's poor sections.

For my physical regimen, I immersed myself in learning how to dance Latin dances, in the standard of international ballroom dancing.  My friend Pinky Puno, who is an international ballroom dance competitor introduced me to her partner, Ryan Jago, who became my Dance Guru.  Prior to learning latin dances, I enrolled myself in Argentine Tango dance classes with  Argentine tango master, Jun Borja.  I enjoyed the sessions, but I did not perspire much as we would be twenty in a class.  With Ryan, it was just him and me for hours on end.  The sessions were more intense and he stretched my physical endurance to the max.  My body morphed and took a different form because my posture improved. Ryan also improved my way of walking, which I must admit, was a bit awkward before I started to dance.   My dance debut was when we danced an exhibition rhumba  during my mother’s birthday at the Polo Club.  It was a number worthy of Dancing with the Stars, with a lot of lifts, splits and turns.

When Ryan was competing abroad with Pinky Puno, (this year he left twice for two months each trip, in fact he just arrived) I would dance with another international dance teacher, Serge Machon., who is  currently teaching me the Paso Doble and Samba, both very challenging dances. 

Dance Athlete & international competitor, 
Ryan Jago stretches my physical firness to the max

International Dance Diva Belinda Adora coaches 
me during my dance routine with Serge Machon  
One of the highlights of my December is my feature in Tatler Magazine as their December IT Girl in their Best Dressed Page and again in their feature of Rupert Jacinto’s Faaabulous Ladies.  I am really flattered, honored and humbled.  Thank you to the editors of Tatler for this honor.

Tatler featured me as their Dec. IT Girl
Also in their Dec. issue, one of Manila's 
Fab ladies in Tatler.  What an Honor!  

The Tatler Ball is a Ball that Manila’s A Listers look forward to. It is an evening of elegance, ultimate style, coupled with a gourmet dinner with wine pairings. The best part of the ball is the great music and dancing after all the ceremonies are over.   The ball is for charity and the beneficiary this year  is education of poor children.  

Harry and Anton San Diego

Our friend and fave couturier Ito Curata 
with Chinese beauteous movie star, Gong Li, a.k.a. Linda Ley 

Alexander Klinkman and Dr. Cecile Infantado

Enjoying the Tatler Ball, 
Atty. Mela Bengson, Robby Carmona

Dr. Randy Francisco enjoying 
his Martini, (shaken not stirred)!
The last party that I attended this year was Linda Ley’s birthday get together at Salon de NIng. On Dec. 29.  It was also a year- end get together of close friends.

Natasha, Tedrick, Michelle, Mayenne
Jun-Jun Ablaza and birthday celebrant Linda Ley 

Len Olbes, Rachel de Guzman, Ruby Chua
Aida Cobanquiat, Sunny Vergara, and sister Audrey

Becky Garcia and husband George

Rachel de Guzman, Anne Ong, Cecile Infantado
Hera Gerienne, Francis de Leon, Linda Ley

Flanked by the two gents Ryan Jago and Francis de Leon,
the glamorous  birthday celebrant enjoys her evening!

I strike a pose with Hera's talented daughter,
 Selena Gomez look-alike Mara Gerienne

Getting together with lovely friends is a fitting way to end the year.   Friends who care and love each other enrich our lives and are a blessing from God.  Thank you Lord for dear friends who are there for each other during good and bad times. I thank the Lord for His abundant blessings, most importantly for my parents who are my rock and for my caring siblings, nephews, nieces and in-laws.  They are all part and parcel of the joys of my existence.

My family is precious to me. Brothers- in- law Jean Pierre Corcellut,
Steven Chan (partly hidden at the back), sisters Loudette Corcellut,
Marissa Chan, Mommy and Daddy

Sunday night dinners is a great way to bond
with Mom and sisters, Marissa and Annie,
and friends like our teenage dress couturier,
Oscar Peralta

Let us all look forward to a bigger and better 2013, filled with love and abundance. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Launch of Fabulous 3 Book of Rupert Jacinto and the White Nights Ball

The Washington Post called portraitist extraordinaire, Rupert Jacinto, the "photographer to the faaabulous".  The name stuck and Jacinto used Faaabulous as the title of his coffee table books. Now on it's third edition, Faaabulous III differs from the first two Faaabulous by its two covers:  One cover features Cris Albert and the other cover is Consul Helen Ong.  

The launch also differs from the first two launches as a White Nights Ball ensued after the unveiling of the portraits at the Peninsula Hotel's Gallery on  the Mezzanine floor.  VP Binay, assisted by cover ladies Cris Albert and Helen Ong, cut the ribbon and opened the exhibit where cocktails were served. 

The White Nights Ball at the Rigodon Ballroom was just faaabulous. The ballroom was designed by uber talent  "artcessory" designer Jun Jun Ablaza. The dinner pleased even the most discriminating palate, Tita Trillo's Titania wines and bubbly kept the spirits and energy high. The ladies were an eyeful in their black and/or white gowns.  
 With the Opthalmological Foundation of the Philippines and Sto. Nino de Paz Save a Parish Program as beneficiaries, the event was presented in partnership with the Advertising Foundation of the Philippines and included a silent auction of paintings by Betsy Westendorp and Marquesa de Valdeolmos, both donated by Spanish Royalty, the Duchess of Calabria. 

The program was hosted by Noel "The Voice" Maximo and yours truly.  The guests tripped the light fantastic to the music of Los Musiqueros, a band worthy of note.  

Mayenne Carmona, VP Binay, Tina and Rupert Jacinto
Mayenne Carmona, Mario Katigbak, Tess Schoeffer, Federico Tacoli
Tina Cuevas
Linda Ley, Len Olbes, Coni Hau
Cristine Rojas, Francis de Leon
Jamie Reyes,Suzette Ayson,Cecile Infantado
Alex Klinkman, Linda Ley, Ann Ong
Ann and Rene Puno, Mela Bengson, Michael Toledo
Consul Helen Ong
Dody Puno, Charade Galang, and friend
Tim Yap
Mariquita Yeung
Cecile Infantado, Tess Schoeffer, Gracie Glory Go
Jamie Reyes, Ann Ong, Mayenne, Suzette Ayson, Cecile Infantado
Becky Garcia, Chavit Singson, VP Binay
Manuel Varela, Rupert and Tina Jacinto
Joseph Calata and VP Binay
Manny Lopez, Suzette Lopez, Rupert J., Romy and Ruth Rodriguez

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Traversing the Orient Celebrates at the Marriott Hotel!

The Premiere issue of Traversing the Orient was launched at the Marriott Hotel in a grand scale.  Manila's A-listers mingled with the magazine's Cover Boys, Kenner Chua, Mikee Romero, Joseph Calata, Marc Nelson, and the beautiful Carla Abellana.  Sadly missing was Derek Ramsay who was busy filming his blockbuster movie, Secret Affair.  But he was represented by his lovely mom, Medy Ramsay. 

Traversing the Orient was already in circulation in Thailand since 2006.  The publisher, Amy de la Cruz Maneelaichitigul, decided to "Filipinize" the magazine and bring it to Manila. With astute businesswoman Dr. Rebecca Wata as her partner and an all Filipino team composed of Mayenne Carmona, Suzette Lopez, Mia Ong, Mark Bumgarner, Tina Jacinto, Ryan Jago, Joy Roa and Margaux Arambulo, the glossy is all set to embark on a long journey.  

The launch was well attended by Manila's gliteratti. 
Award winning wines and bubbly courtesy of Manny O Wines kept the spirits high and a sumptuous buffet jointly sponsored by Marriott and Cravings satisfied even the most discriminating palates.  Raffle prices courtesy of Cathy Valencia Skin and Body Centre, Discovery Shores Boracay, SM Accessories, Integrity Aesthetic and Wellness Center, O.N.E. Naturales, Human Heart Nature, Smiles by Dr. Cecile, Seair, and jewelry by Angela Angeles kept the excitement in high gear.

The team- Ryan Jago, Amy de la Cruz Maneechailitigul
Dr. Rebecca Wata, Mayenne Carmona
Carla Abellana, Mia Ong, Suzette Lopez, Marc Bumgarner
Frances Lim, Gracie Glory Go, Jeannie Goulborn
Pops Fernandez, Aiko Melendez
Cathy and Mike Turville
Posing Manny O Wines ladies Camille
and Yes Dumagan
Atty. Rene Puno, Charade Galang, Dody Puno
Pinky Puno and David Lim
Ruby Chua, Lilibeth Campos, Sonnie Vergara
Atty, Hilda Lim, Ryan Jago, Belinda Adora
Marc Nelson and Mayenne Carmona
Ito Curata, Lilibeth Romero, Bob Miller
 and Sen Sanchez
Amy Arcilla, Rima Ostwani,  David Lim and Linda Ley
Len Olbes, Jean Chua, and Emma Pante
Ann and Atty. Rene Puno and Pinky Puno
Carla Abellana and Marc Nelson
Kenner Chua, Mikee Romero, Carla Abellana
Marc Nelson and Joseph Calata
Suzette and Manny Lopez
Rupert and Tina Jacinto, Hans Hauri
Michelle Garcia
Sheila and Mikee Romero
Yolly Ayson and Becky Garcia
Pilot Joy Roa and Amy Arcilla
Cathy Agar, Carlo Chunungco, Cecile Infantado
and Lexus CEO Daniel Isla
Sonny Tanchanco, Jojo Zabarte and John Gaddi
Cynthia Carreon, Medy Ramsay
and Dr. Rebecca Wata