Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FOXYnators are the Rage!

The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton brought the Fashion Watchers in full force to Westminster Abbey, the venue of the wedding.  Who -was -wearing-what was the mantra of the day. Hats of all shapes and sizes completed the total outfit of the fashionable guests.  Another type of head accessory which is called "Fascinators" (Brits always seem to have the first say in word coinage. It was a fashionable Englishman who coined the word "Metrosexual") were worn in stunning colors and styles and mostly replaced traditional and conventional hats.  

Credit goes to award winning Milliner Philip Treacy who fashionistas claim put Fascinators and similarly extravagant hats back into mainstream fashion.  Treacy embellished his head gears with blooms, feathers, plummage (from all species of birds), ribbons, sequins, and anything unusual.  The milliners had their Aha moments on their masterpieces or were forever doomed on their hideouspieces.  Princess Beatrice was highly critiized on her over the top fascinator designed by Philip Treacy. It did not go well with her elegant blush Valentino ensemble. But she had the last laugh when she put the piece on E-bay announcing that the proceeds will go to charity and the piece sold for more or less $65,000.

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie at the Royal Wedding 

Manila is always fast to follow. Soon after the Royal Wedding, our local accessory designers came out with fascinators. Today Fascinator (which we love to pronounce foxynators) Parties are the rage. I attended two in one week and another one coming up in three days. I must say that the ladies look really Foxy In their Foxynators and we are beginning to make them the rage in fashion these days.  

Foxy in red "facsi-nator" Tess Schoefer and  handsome Gabby Rojas

Birthday celebrant Cristine Rojas in a black veiled facsinator with her best buddies Mayenne Carmona and Lulu Tan Gan 

Royal Blue Lady,  Len Olbes

Rainbow colors yellow and fuschia on Dr. Cecile Infantado and Isa del Rosario Valenton

Mayenne C. and Tess S. always look sassy...!! 

Rudolph the red nose reindeer on Pria Gonzalez' head in and Christmas stars landed on Marisa Chan's

Dr. Crissie Santayana and Leana Farrales Carmona look chic in their black fasciantors

Happily Printed Margie Sy and birthday celebrant Tina Limjuco

Kitty Jacinto and Annie Carmona shone in Gold accents

Vicky Lopez and I blended with the Christmas tree.  My hair had Christmas balls and lights.   Specially designed by my hair accessory designers Jessa and Pretzel!


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