Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy to be with Close Friends on Halloween Evening

Halloween brings out the witches in us and my "bewitched" buddies, Lulu Tan Gan and Cristine Rojas decided to welcome me back home  with a surprise intimate dinner with Halloween as its theme.  After more than a month out of the country, seeing my beautiful friends was such a treat.

Cristine brought the fun hats and candies and Lulu provided the venue--her new digs at San Lorenzo Village.  Mediterranean cuisine catered by La table Francaise owners Jean and Michele d'Orival was chosen by Cristine and Lulu.

Rupert and Tina Jacinto with Gabby Rojas 

The witches- Cristine Rojas, Lulu Tan Gan, myself, Tina Jacinto and Linda Ley

Halloween colors on Ann Puno and Linda Ley

The male witches- Toto Ferrer, Atty Rene Puno, Joseph Gueta

Lovebirds forever, Joseph and Lulu

a yummy "Welcome Home" cake given by Linda Ley.  She worked on it all afternoon!!!

Mother and daughter bewitching hour- Cathy Turvill and just back from her Paris trip, daughter Josyn Brillantes Palma 

Trick or treat? Candy time! 


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