Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Visiting New York is always punctuated with exclamation !!!! points as the city never lets me down.  Having lived there in the 80s and then again in the mid 90s till the early millenium years, I have developed favorite haunts and have formed habits that are hard to break when I am in the city.  Being the dynamic city that it is, a lot of changes happen in terms of restaurants and stores opening and closing.  Like my favorite Cafe on 1st Ave closed to my disappointment. But my friend Inday Brim brought me to a new French Cafe on 54th Street and 1st that had excellent salad and quiches, not to mention yummy desserts. That was worth the walk from 58 and Sutton Square. Lily O'Boyle  had a tres intimate birthday luncheon at Crosby Hotel, Soho, and that is another "must see" boutique hotel.  Crosby Hotel on Crosby Street has an organic garden on one of their upper floors where they get the ingredients for their salads. Another plus is their quaint English countryside decor which makes it different from the other boutique hotels with Philip Starck mode of decor. 

Close your eyes and make a wish, my dear Lily...Biba San Agustin and I join her in making her wishes come true... 

Inday Brim, Lily and I tried a new Mediterranean restaurant after watching DEBT, an excellent movie with Helen Mirren

Ever loyal friend of 3 decades, Ijaz Malik, brought me, my nephew Stephan Chan, (who was visiting from Boston), and my niece Stephanie Corcellut, (who is currently taking a breather from her studies in Paris and taking up a course in New York School of Technology), to the prestigious University Club, which has one of the best buffets on the 5th Avenue strip.

My other treasures in life-niece Stephanie Carmona Corcellut and nephew Stephan Carmona Chan

My favorite ophthalmologist, Dr. Stephen Perrone dropped by to proudly show me his prize trophy, cute daughter Valentina, who is turning two this December.

Daddy's precious little girl Valentina

A visit to 5th Avenue is not complete without dropping by Harry Winston to visit  my friend Jackie Jureidini who indulged my fantasies by allowing me to pose with their latest pieces which were reserved for selected clients of oil rich countries. After my fantasies were played out,  Jackie brought me to her favorite chill out place on 56th between 5th and 6th-the Beacon, which serves the most delicious pizza on that side of Manhattan. With their great selection of cocktail drinks and wines,  the place is a winner!!

Jackie proudly shows off a 69 carat yellow diamond. Ooolalalal!

An ice cube of a ring!  A close up of the oolalala on Jackie's finger.

Me sporting a precious 40 carat rare cushion cut  pink diamond and a set of necklace and emerald cut white diamond.

I met young jewelry designer Whitney Stern who was launching her new line at Henri Bendel. Hats off to her simple, elegant designs which are great for the young and the not so young at heart.

Whitney Stern fixes her pieces at Henri Bendel

Hanging out with IT specialist and music impressario, business man Charles Coupet is a habit I cant break when I am in New York.. This time, we chilled out at Jean George at the famed Trump Hotel on Columbus Circle, at Harry Cipriani, at Beacon, on various occasions.

Charles Coupet, always impeccably dressed

I have to share with you a photo of my bedroom at Yue sai Kan's fabulous townhouse on Sutton Square. Having such a gorgeous room made my stay so so enjoyable!  Thank you,  my dear lovely friend, Yue Sai!  

Friends make a city and in New York, I have some of my favorite friends in this planet and they know who they are...

On the steps of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, were loving tributes to Apple's Founder Steve Jobs


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