Monday, October 3, 2011

What a Blast for Johnny Litton!

Everybody's "palangga" Johnny Litton celebrated a milestone in Dusit Thani, Manila with a cast of thousands attending.  We did not get to exchange 5 words with him so we pinned him down to another celebration of sorts and boy-oh boy, it was a BLAST!!!

In his elegant residence at the Fort, Dody Puno and fiance Charade Galang hosted a supposedly "quiet" (you know, just a catching- up -tete at tete with close friends), intimate dinner of 12 close friends for Johnny. It was intimate alright, but quiet, it was not.  Dody and Charade welcomed everyone with a coupe of the finest French champagne and then another and another,  and that set the ball rolling.  Before everyone was seated for dinner, Dody Puno crooned Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley (swoon swoon) that set everyone in the mood for an evening of song and dance.  Then he and Charade did a duet and everyone went wild! It was no ordinary dinner as every delicious dish was accompanied by a serenade or two or three. The night did not lack talent! 

Inhibition was not a word for the evening, we all showed our talent. I belted out my signature number  "Crazy" which was a big hit with everyone!  Some beautiful duets in Tagalog were sang. Linda Ley's Bakit with Dody Puno seemed so professional!   Johnny belted out a Broadway Number form My Fair Lady- On the Street Where you Live and Henry Higgins, I've Grown Accustomed to her FaceAnn Puno swore she was not singing. After 5 glasses of bubbly and red, hubby Rene was given the surprise of his life. Her rendition of Besame Mucho was sultry!!!

The rest of the cast of course would dance with the song or join the respective singer in his/her number! Everyone was a revelation.  Forget about American Idol. This is Pilipino Talent in abundance!

When it was time to call it a night (a morning! -did we want to stay for breakfast?) Everyone went home with a song in his/her heart!  Happy birthday Johnny! May you have many many many more! and more dinner parties like the one we just had!

A chandelier to light up the passionate soul! 

Two beauties and my two debonair BFF: Atty Rene Puno, Linda Ley, honoree Johnny Litton, and Suzette Lopez

Hosts with the mosts, Dody Puno, and the love of his life Charade Galang welcome Tina and Rupert Jacinto with champagne

Goodie Goodie Yum Yum!  Dody drools

Rene Puno, founding member of the band New Minstrels ,serenades us during dinner. Glen, is such a talented pianist, and singer as well

After 5 glasses of red, Ann Puno could not, would not let go of the mic.  She declared early in the evening (when she was still sober, hahah) that she was not singing. 

Cris Badiola and Linda Ley's number

Rupert and Tina Jacinto, Ann Puno,  Rene Puno and Cecile Infantado are all smiles! 

Johnny wins the lottery! Cecile Infantado and Linda Ley honor the celebrant

Enjoying the moment with Johnny... Linda Ley, myself, (back) Cris Badiola, Cecile Infantado, Rupert Jacinto

Aren't they lovely! 

With Cosmetic Dentist Extraordinaire and friend, Cecile Infantado


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