Thursday, October 13, 2011

Water-The Drink of Life!

I am in New York City at the moment and yesterday I passed D'Agostino's, my neighborhood supermarket, to buy some water. I saw so much variety that I got confused as to what brand to get.  Nowadays, there are flavored water, vitamin water of all kinds, water to restore your electrolytes after a strenous workshop, so many kinds of sparkling water (with gas) and a variety of mineral water with no gas. (flat water).

It brought to mind that two years ago, I had the water in my apartment in Manila tested and analyzed to make sure that I was bathing in clean water and brushing my teeth with water that had no fecal matter and E coli.  The results indicated that the water in Pioneer Highlands, where my apartment  is located was not infected with bacteria and dirt.  Next year, I will have my water tested again  as I was told that it should be done every three years.

Last year, Qualibet Laboratory, which tested my water, asked me to endorse them and come out in their ad in two magazines-Traversing the Orient and a Health Magazine in Manila.

Here are the photos of my two ads.  Advocating clean water is indeed a worthy cause and it was a pleasure for me taking a few hours off doing the pictorial.


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