Monday, August 1, 2011

The Birth of the Philippine Star

When Max Soliven, Art Borjal and Tony Roces approached Betty Go Belmonte to start a newspaper with them, the first question she asked them was “What are we here for? To help in nation building or to make a lot of money for ourselves?”

The 3 wise men answered “we are for helping nation-building.” And Max added “we are for giving everyone a good salary, we are for serving readers, we shall aim for a 700,000 circulation.”

And their policy regarding the scoops?  Max Soliven said “Between having a scoop just to sell the paper and checking out the facts thoroughly, we should opt for the latter.”  Betty Go Belmonte added “I am for projecting the positive and in cases were the story is negative, we should present both sides and all sides.”

The group concurred and on those principles a STAR, (the Philippine Star) was born.

From its conception on July 26, 1986 till today, the Star moved on, slowly gaining in circulation and advertising, always guided by the Biblical exhortation, "Truth Shall Prevail."  As the only paper “run by God,” prayer and faith were the foundation of its operations.

From No. 23 in circulation and popularity, it is today No 1. "It is the most respected newspaper in the country, respected for its balanced, objective and fair reporting."

Philippine Star’s Silvery, Starry Night

The stars were out on July 28, 2011, as the Philippine Star celebrated its 25th anniversary with the top leaders of the land, President P-Noy and VP Jejomar Binay  heading the stellar list of guests.  The lights of the Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangrila were dim compared to the luminosity of the  celebrities that attended the event. Manila’s A-List personalities in government, diplomatic corps, business, arts, entertainment and media attended in full force and added to the luster of the occasion.  The back to back concert of Gary Valenciano and Martin Nievera (w/ a duet with Sarah Geronimo) was the biggest treat of the evening. 

On his way out, Sarah S. de Guzman, stopped him and said, “Mr. President can you take a picture with us?” President P-Noy smiled and said, “Surely!” Suzette Lopez, (extreme right), myself, Sarah Soliven de Guzman in turquoise,  writer for Business page Mary Ann Reyes extreme left.

Presidential Sister Viel Aquino Dee between Roseanne Belmonte and Millete Belmonte 

Two Presidents: Phil Airlines President Jimmy Bautista  and Phil Star President Miguel Belmonte 

Sofitel PR Lady Maria Cristina del Carmen, Mega’s Cheryl Tiu , Life Style Asia Anna Sobrepena, Italian Ambassador’s wife Silvana Fornari 

Actor Richard Gomez, Speaker of the House Sonny Belmonte and Rep. Lucy Torres Gomez      

Engaged couple Paolo Trillo and Rissa Mananquil 

Phil Star writer/ editor in chief of People Asia and Allure –chic Jo Anne Rae Ramirez 

Intercontinental Hotel’s PR Lady Jenny Pena and Phil Star advertising top man Lucien Dy Tioco

Tina and Rupert Jacinto, well known international photographer

Daniel Isla, CEO of Lexus and Manny Pangilinan, Chairman, PLDT and SMART Telecoms

Miguel Belmonte, President and CEO of Philippine Star is the best boss ever!

Phil Star columnist Frannie Jacinto, Millete Belmonte, YSTAR editor Regina Belmonte, cosmetic dentist Cecile Infantado

Montessori’s Sarah Soliven de Guzman, PR lady Susan Joven and Fashion designer Criselda Lontok

The sculptors ED Calma, (steel) Ramon Orlina, (glass) Claude Tayag, (wood) with Gallery owner Sari Ortiga

Argentine Amb. Joaquin Otero, Speaker Belmonte, Grace Glory Go- Executive Vice President of Philippine Star and Martha Otero

Miss Universe  1st runner up- our very own Venus Raj and handsome movie actor Richard Gomez 

Emy Arcilla, Director, Mercedes Benz, Felix Ang-President, Mercedes Benz, Stephanie Reese-Soprano, Sarah Soliven de Guzman,  Atty. Perry Pe

Star editorial columnist Babe Romualdez and businessman Michael Toledo

Mitch Garcia, Philippine Star Editor in Chief Isaac Belmonte, Presidential Executive Secretary  Jojo Ochoa  and a friend 

Having a good laugh- John de Guzman and editorial columnist Cito Beltran

Bonjin Bolinao- a friend of all seasons

Vicky Zubiri and Richard Tiu

Philstar Business Section Editor Tony Katigbak and Suzette Hahn Lopez

Gary V is like Michael Jackson. He moves, he grooves

Martin Nievera is another ultimate performer! What a treat!

PNoy is the friendliest president I met


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