Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moet et Chandon Gourmet Dinner at Paparazzi

MOET et CHANDON at Paparazzi

A memorable evening of gourmet food and vintage champagnes was celebrated by Moet et Chandon at the Paparazzi restaurant of EDSA Shangrila.  The team of chefs at the Paparazzi headed by Chef Salvatore de Vincentis presented a world class Euro-Asian fusion menu.

Meet Chef Salvatore

Chef Salvatore de Vincentis and his team put a lot of thought conceptualizing the evening’s menu.

The first course was a Japanese dish that mixed Hamachi with a sauce of avocado, crispy rice and yozu vinaigrette. This was served with Moet Imperial Brut.   

Next dish was a small plate of seared scallop, topped with shaved vegetables, toasted almonds, golden raisin and caper sauce. The sweetness of the raisin, the crunch of the almonds, and the subtle sourness of caper played with ones palate with a delicious twist.  

The lobster tail dish that followed served with orzo pasta, black truffle and lobster emulsion could have won in any culinary contest.  This was served with Rose Imperial champagne, known as the glamorous champagne. 

To refresh the taste buds, a frozen green apple champagne meringue was served before ushering in the piece de resistance: a roasted Australian veal loin garnished with braised veal cheek, apple onion goat cheese tart and carrot puree.  A Grand Vintage 2003 Moet was served . It tasted crisp, profound and spicy!  

For those with sweet cravings, Tropical dream was the answer. It was a “tropical egg” toasted coconut, tapioca pearls (sago), exotic sorbet, lychee and sesame wafer.  For chocolate and macaroon lovers, an artistic sculptured tray, ice bucket, a tulip glass -all made of everything chocolate (dark, light, white) was so delicately molded.  With the sugary delights, a Grand Vintage Rose, 2003 (described as passionate, dense and gourmand) was served.  It was a 5 star Michelin dinner worthy of the highest accolades.

Tropical Dream

Moet’s PR Charlyn Joaquin, Carol Uson with hubby, Moet’s Brand Development Manager, Randy Uson and statuesque beauty Suzette Hahn Lopez

EVER Bilena’s product development lady and epitome of their beauty products Kristine Gabriel with yours truly 

Nina Daza Puyat, editor-in-chief of Appetite Magazine with her colleague, food editor Miguel B. Yambao

Oozing with talent Kate Torralba, dress designer, pianist, singer, stirred our appetites us with her love songs

Coosome threesome- business men Jonathan Crespi, Richard Tiu and Spark editor Carla Sibal

Opera singer Stephanie Reese, blog writer Mayenne Carmona and businessman Antonio Ressano

Michael Balinga and Ariel Esquillo, both enjoying the vintage Moet et C


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