Monday, July 25, 2011

Beijing Beauties

Speaking of career choices, Ms. YUE SAI KAN has that knack of swimming through unchartered waters, braving  the high waves and emerging unscathed and victorious.  As an example, In the mid 80s, CCTV offered her to host a TV program to educate the Chinese people about the Western world.  She had never done this in her life before but she nonetheless dared venture into it.  Her show, Looking East, which segued to One World was a huge success and made her a famous TV personality.  Her signature hairdo, a short page boy with bangs was copied by all the young  fashionistas in China. Then in the early 90s, she decided to quit TV and introduce cosmetics to the women of China who were just barely out of their Mao pajamas.  The cosmetic field was another one of those unchartered waters to Ms. Kan  but then again, her strong instincts and tireless work ethics guided her to success.  Today, she is undoubtedly the Cosmetic Queen of China, an icon and authority on beauty.   So it is just fitting that she put something related to beauty on her plate: a beauty contest, having accepted to be the Official National Director of  Miss Universe/China 2011 from Mr. Donald Trump.  Running a beauty contest is something new to her, but her track record of succeeding in her endeavors will prevail.

Flying to Beijing to witness another milestone in her life was a must.  Aside from taking in the cultural and shopping sights of Beijing, (the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Silk Market, etc.), attending the pageant with a walk down the red carpet  and  attending the post pageant party hosted by Chateau Margaux were a big treat.   

On our first night  in Beijing, Ms. Kan invited me and bosom friend Jojo Zabarte to a dinner at the Humble House together with her other guests who flew in from abroad- Jerry Whitlock, Chairman and CEO of Whitlock Packaging CorporationWarner Brothers CEO in Japan William  Ireton and his Filipino wife Charo,  judge and trainer of the beauties, Supermodel Lu Sierra, judge and world class photographer to the beauty contestants,  Fadil Berisha, judge and Ms. Universe of 2007Riyo Mori,  Judge and Super model Petra Nemcova with her fiancé English actor Jamie Belman, among others.   The beauties were presented to the dinner guests that night and although they were not dolled up as they would be for the contest, we already picked our favorites. 

Andrew Tjoe, Chairman of Humble House which is anything but humble, welcomes Jerry Whitlock, Chairman/Ceo of Whitlock Packaging with a coupe of champagne

Director of Ms. China for Ms. Universe Yue Sai Kan(in yellow) hosted the dinner for her guests who flew in from all over the world:  Josephine Zabarte, Mayenne Carmona, Jerry Whitlock and New York based make up artist Yuko

Beauty is its own excuse for being

Riyo Mori, from Japan,  Miss Universe 2007 was one of the judges. 

a happy Yue Sai Kan relaxes with friends during the dinner at Humble House:  Michael Rosenthal, Senior Adviser to Ms. Universe/China Jojo Zabarte, Yue Sai Kan,  Lu Sierra and Fadil Berisha

The next day, Yue Sai booked a van with a tour guide that took us to the Great Wall. It was a bright sunny day in the high 90s, (Hot! Hot! Hot!) but we had a lot of fun. We were a motley group of different Nationalities. Jamie Belman, (Englsh) Jerry Whitlock, (American) Michiko Graf (Japanese) Petra, Olga, Alexi, Olga Nemcova, (Czech) Cecile Infantado, Jojo  Zabarte and Myself, (Filipinos) and our English speaking  Chinese tour guide, Lily.

Jamie, Alexi, Olga and Petra

Cecile, Jojo, Jerry, Mayenne and Michiko enjoying the view of  The Great Wall.

On our way back, a few of us dropped by the Silk Market and did some shopping.

July 10, was the Pageant Night. We dressed up to the nines to honor Yue Sai who worked so hard to make this pageant an affair to remember.    I had fun meeting the many guests that arrived for the pre pageant cocktail and the After Glow Party hosted by Chateau Margaux.  

The Pageant was entertaining and not lengthy.  It was a tight competition among the three ladies that vied for Ms. Talent. I thought the lady that played the Chinese flute would win. But it was the belly dancer who got the prize!   

The girl most likely to succeed as she was everybody’s choice, Lou Zilin, was crowned the winner ! 

Beauty Parade

Two Beauties: Yue Sai Kan crowns Ms. China for Ms. Universe 2011, Lou Zilin

Chateau Margaux  Red and White wines overflowed during the after pageant party. Wine connoisseurs had a real treat.  

Meanwhile Ms. Yue Sai Kan was once again enjoying the accolades heaped on her by all her friends and admirers for the success of her new endeavor! 

Formula 1 Racer Ho Pin Tung and myself

Lu Sierra, Supermodel and trainer to the beauties, world class photographer Fadil Berisha, and Riyo Mori, 2007 Ms. Universe

Amigas para siempre- Mayenne  Carmona, Yue Sai Kan and Jojo Zabarte

Chic in jeans, boots and tuxedo, Cowboy Jerry Whitlock with Ms Universe 2007 Riyo Mori

English actor Jamie Belman between Alexi and future sister in law Olga Nemcova

Yue Sai Poses with Ms. Universe  2007 from Japan, Riyo Mori, Thibault Pontaller of Chateau Margaux, and Pageant Judge Super model Petra Nemcova. 

Petra Nemcova with her fiance Jamie Belman: so in love!

Lou Shonlu is an up and coming Chinese movie Star

Petra Nemcova with Ms. Rumania Julia Verdes

Aspiring Hollywood actress Monique Shea who I know will be famous one day. Here with her stylist Hobin and hairdresser Slava

I mistook handsome English actor Jamie Belman for Leonardo di Caprio that evening

Warner Brothers CEO in Tokyo, William Ireton and his Filipino wife Charo, with Tina and Rupert Jacinto, (Manila’s top society photographer)

Yuko, New York based make up artist, Rupert Jacinto and 3 time Grammy winner, hip hop violinist, Miri Ben-Ari

Jerry Whitlock poses with Ms. Charity,  Gao Xue Yun, 2nd runner up, Zhang Ya Mei,  and Ms. Photogenic, Chen Meng Yi 

 4th runner up Yi Na, and 1st runner up Xiao Jia Qin  

The Kan sisters, San-San and Vickie are proud of sister Yue Sai’s success. Jerry Whitlock share in their euphoric moment


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