Friday, June 10, 2011

Hot Curves with CURVEX

“Gone are the days when you have to go through pain to be beautiful. For instance, for losing stubborn fat and cellulite there are technologies like Ultrasonic Cavitation (UC), Multi-Polar Radio-Frequency, LED Photodynamic and Endermology Massage Treatments” says Dr. Abe Marinduque, Medical Director of BH6750.

Dr. Abe Marinduque is a gynecologist and is a specialist in restoring women ‘s tightness reminiscent of their virginal state. 

These non-invasive, non-surgical procedures allow one to lose stubborn fatty deposits in hard to reach areas such as the legs, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, etc. It breaks down fat cellsand converts it to a liquid substance that is removed through the lymphatic system and through local inflammatory scavenging --- no surgical cuts nor scars; thus, one can still do one’s regular routine after the treatment sessions. 

And so I went for my first Curvex session.  I told my doctor friends in Beverly Hills 6750 on Ayala Ave.,  Dr. Abe Marinduque and Dr. Ed Santos about my predicament: I was going to Discovery Shores in Bora and was not sure if I had the body to wear my bikini.  After checking me out (yes, I allowed Dr. Abe to check my abs!) he gave the verdict that I did not need liposuction. However, I could use some sessions of Curvex Advanced Body Contouring!  After a few sessions, I was ready to face the world in my CURVEX- toned bikini ready body. 

Dr. Ed Santos is a specialist in weight loss management and bariatric surgery. 

The Benefits of Curvex

If you need to be fit and toned in time for that trip to Boracay, then Curvex is the answer for you. This non-invasive and safe treatment combines the breakthrough technologies of Ultrasonic Cavitation and Multi-Polar and Bi-Polar RF with Vacuum to ensure that your body is in the best shape possible in showcasing that bikini. That’s why Curvex has become most effective solution for stubborn fats, loose skin, cellulite, and other weight problems.

The Curvex machine can do magic for you face and body. 

Here are the different ways Curvex does wonders and lets you have that sexy beach body:

  • All the stubborn fats and hard-to-reach areas where fat is localized will be removed. If you choose Curvex to shape the whole body, you will definitely feel and look lighter, and your skin will be tighter.
  • With Curvex, healthier and firmer skin can be achieved in a 30-minute session. If you have trouble with cellulite or sagging skin, then this is the treatment for you. By enhancing collagen production, your skin will be wrinkle-free and smoother once again.
  • Curvex is also beneficial for those who are opting for liposuction. Undergoing Curvex before the liposuction will ensure that surgery will be faster and smoother. After liposuction, you are guaranteed to maintain that hot new body with frequent Curvex sessions.
  • Jiggly thighs will be a thing of the past as Curvex makes it possible to rid you of cellulite. Targeting cellulite prone areas such as the butt and the thighs, Curvex will enable you to strut your stuff in the shortest of shorts and look fantastic while doing so.        
  • Younger and healthier-looking skin is possible with Curvex’s innovative treatments. Your face will be even in tone and the texture, smoother. This is the perfect non-invasive alternative to Botox.
  • Get unbelievably soft, seamless, and silky skin with Curvex’s pore refining treatments. Curvex will repair uneven skin texture, flakiness, and roughness, making your bare skin healthy and free from bacteria, oil, and dirt.
  •  The area around the eyes is what usually betrays one’s age and with Curvex, you will look perpetually younger. Curvex will smoothen the skin and diminish crow’s feet.

With all these benefits, Curvex guarantees that you will be proud to display that tight and smooth body at the sandy beaches of Boracay.

As a footnote, I did looked hot in my bikini Curvex toned body. But did not have the guts to wear it. I wonder why!!

Aim for this body!  with Curvex plus diet and execise, you might get transformed. 

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