Friday, June 3, 2011

Argentine Tango: Two Bodies in Synergy

The yearly Manila Tango Festival had a four day celebration of workshops, nightly milongas, (Argentine tango dance sessions) private training, a competition event and a Gala night that featured exciting performances by this year’s visiting Argentinian artists.  The Tango Blitz was a joint effort between the Manila Tango Club headed by Ogie Mendoza, one of Manila’s Tango Masters and Philippine Argentine Tango Association headed by another tango Master, Evaristo “Jun” Borja.

The Argentine tango is one sexy dance. With skillful mastery of its footwork, spins, throws and dips, the Argentine Tango of today is hotter than ever. It trains one on proper mind and body coordination. It involves activities such as learning and memorizing complicated steps, concentrating on the rhythm of the music, and dancing in close synergy with your partner.  It is a very intimate dance with a lot of walking in a close embrace, chests pressing against each other, legs rubbing and entwining… muscles and skin start to communicate! As one tango master says, “ Each partner must be willing to become vulnerable in order to exchange energies: a physical and emotional transaction takes place.” 

Ideally, the dancers are together as a couple so there are no inhibitions in their closeness. One of the three tango couples who arrived to teach and show their skills. Laila Rezk and Leando Oliver are married to each other. Before they got married, they were dance partners for 5 years. Their long partnership is manifested in the perfection of their art. Their passion is palpable and brings the audience to breathtaking heights.  While watching them, I was in awe of their dancing, in a virtual state of passion. I could feel Leandro’s arms around Laila, his legs rubbing against hers, his breath on her neck., his chest against her heaving breasts.  Then they changed the tempo and did a fast tango, sexy boleos and planeos, skillful molinetti, front and back secadas, breathtaking lifts and dips that showed complete mastery of their art. 

The other two couples, Natalia Hills and Alvaro Sales, and Tamara Bisceglia performing with Lucas Di Giorgio also gave impressive performances.  All three couples gave workshops to Manila’s tangueros/tangueras.

Argentine Tango can be learned in Jun Borja’s studio in Dollar 88, Jovan Bldg, corner Samat and Show Blvd, room 204 tel. 09289838864;  Studio Amapola under Ogie Mendoza at 257 Amapola St. Palm Village Makati tel 5199826; or Edna Ledesma’s dance studio at Studio 116, Gr. Fl, LRI Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia Street (former Reposo) . tel 8955581.  

Edna Ledesma, one of our country’s dance divas co Founded Philippine Argentine Tango Association

Ogie Mendoza, gave a surprise tango number with Tamara Bisceglia, (the principal dancer of Forever Tango 2011.)

Jun Borja has a passion for tango that shows when he teaches

Argentine Masters Natalia Hiils (right) and Tamara Bisceglia gave workshops to aspiring “tangueras.” 

Laila Resk and Leandro Oliver were dancing the Argentine since childhood. They gave exciting numbers that wowed the crowd. 

Two bodies in synergy.

1st runner up winners in the competition, Scenario Category, Don Anovar and Ariane Rose Madrid


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