Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lulu Tan Gan’s Knit and Pina Collection makes a Big Splash at the Makati Shangrila!

Designer Lulu Tan Gan has endured the test of time in the fickle world of fashion.  Never losing sight of her focus in her knit wear line, she has managed to reinvent her designs all these 26 years and stayed on top of her trade.  

Lately, her latest reinvention is combining pina with knits.  The pina accessorizes the basic knit short dress, long dress, capri pants, Bermuda shorts, and comes as a long scarf, a shrug, a loose long jacket over beach wear, a belted wrap-around kimono top or a dressy layered top over long knit pants.  

Tan Gan also accessorized some of her knits with beaded leather which were placed over the shoulders or hanging like bibs. 

A belted kimono inspired pina over a long dress

Lovely daughter Jessica assists mom Lulu with all her bouquets

A long knee length loose overhang worn with beach wear

A dainty cherry red striped pina kimono top over white capri and tank top

Tomato red dainty blouse over Bermuda shorts

A yellow slinky long with beaded leather and chains frontal décor 

Elegant long knit dress  with a neck piece

The accent is on the hem

Shimmery beige knit with a pina long scarf

Bravissimo, Lulu!! 

Selena Gomez look alike, stunning Rocio Olbes in her Tan Gan chic set.  She has a line of wooden bags, ROCIO, sold strictly in Europe.  

Beauteous ladies in the audience, Lilibeth Campos in her bronze Tan Gan, Linda Ley in a KENSIE strapless number.

Anne Puno in a chic summery knee length creation.


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