Monday, April 18, 2011

Vicky Schmid’s Magnificent House

During my last visit to Europe last year, I visited my friend Vicky Schmid in Offenburg, Germany. She has a magnificent house, exquisite in its minimalism. 

It is a house that is perfect for meditation as the interiors are so pristine and uncluttered, with a view that is a manifestation of God’s glory. 

Vicky invited me over to attend the Alfred Gerardi Foundation’s 25th anniversary.   The foundation is her demised husband’s legacy, which awards Direct Marketing scholarships to deserving students.  Vicky Schmid and her husband, Hans Schmid, are one of the biggest players in the field of Direct Marketing.  

Visit their website :

Vicky  Schmid, (2nd from left,) Hans Schmid (third from left) at the back pose with the students that were awarded with the scholarships.  Photo taken in the University in Offenburg where the Awards were given. 

Hans and Vicky Schmid during the dinner they hosted for the different professors and business personalities that supported the Alfred Girardi Foundation. 

Myself with Professor Siegfried Voegeles

Pictures of the Schmid's magnificent house.... 

A cozy corner, an extension of the living room

Three is company- Vicky’s good friend Editha and I enjoying the panoramic view from her living room

Vicky’s pristine office.  Perfect place to think about the day’s work

The Schmids patronize up and coming young German artists

My meditation place was so uncluttered and so serene.


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