Saturday, April 2, 2011

My week-end at DISCOVERY SHORES, Boracay

After weeks of editing a pile of profiles for the Faaabulous II Book of Rupert Jacinto, I was ready for some R & R.  I chose to go to my favorite roosting place in the Philippines--Discovery Shores in Boracay.  If the pictures are not convincing enough, take my word for it: Boracay is the closest thing to heaven on earth.  And Discovery Shores is the perfect Haven on this slice of heaven on earth. 

Every time I am in Discovery Shores, I feel I am in my home away from home.  The warmth and hospitality of the staff are unbeatable.  The personal touches that they put in my room are thought out to the last detail.  What really melts my heart are two big details:  the huge streamer welcoming me back “HOME” and  my pillow cases that have my name“MAYENNE” embroidered on them which virtually  transports me back to my own bed! I patronize some hotels often enough but I have never seen this personal touch anywhere in the world.  Jun Parreno, the suave and charming GM of Discovery is constantly reinventing the personalized details as his way of showing his appreciation to the loyal clients of Discovery Shores.  Another personal detail he added this time was a Body Butter cream from Body Shop, a set of Shu Uemura creams that included skin whiteners, massage gels and sun block. He keeps abreast of the latest trend in creams. “Nowadays, skin whitening creams are so IN!  The women are so conscious not to get dark skinned, even if they are roaming around in their bikinis.  ” Says this affable GM. 

Jun Parreno, the man behind the wheel of Discovery Shores
Brownies, carrot cakes with delicious sauces,  a bowl of fruits, small jars of cookies and dried fruits, pandan juice 
 Streamer Welcome Home Miss Mayenne
Cecile having a delicious foot massage from masseuse Jen 

During this weekend in Bora, I went with my travelling buddy and cosmetic dentist Cecile Infantado.  It was her first Discovery Shores experience and the place just blew her mind.  Aside from the luxurious feel of the place, the hospitality, the smiling faces of the staff and the personal details that were accorded us impressed her no end.

Upon arriving in the hotel, the cold towel and the refreshing welcome lemongrass drink immediately put us on a relaxation mode.  The foot massage when we settled in the room washed all my weariness away.  Masseuse Jen  made sure I would end up vegetating in the couch after her delicious massage!

After a couple of hours just chilling out in our room, we went to the beach where Jun P. and Ferdie Salvador were waiting to welcome us with cocktail drinks.  We noticed a tent decorated so exquisitely and we thought there was a wedding reception.  The center piece had a Spanish lace fan, some green pimentos, some oranges, pristine lilies and a red cylindrical lamp.  The chandeliers were cascading down from a huge red flower.  Swarovski crystals sprinkled the chandeliers.   It turned out to be the pre wedding reception of Vernon Go, (the only son of Grace Glory Go, VP of Phil Star), and his lovely fiancé Happy Sy.  We bumped into Gracie at the bar, and she invited us to the evening’s festivities.   Earth hour was set the world over at 8.30 PM so when the time came, candles lit the grounds which provided a tres romantique ambiance for the pre-wedding reception. Fire dancers performed in full view of the tent which gave us a real treat.

Cecile and I pose beside the sand dome of the earth 
The tent- setting of  pre-wedding reception of Vernon Go and Happy Sy 
The fire dancers
Engaged couple- Happy and Vernon, with moms, Baby Sy and Grace Glory Go
Cecile and myself  withVernon’s best man Chess Salazar

Second Day- the highlight of  our second day was our 90 minute massage at the Kai Spa in Boracay RegencyDindo Salazar, the Spa Manager welcomed us and introduced us to the Spa therapists who gave us the choices of treatments. Cecile had the “hilot” massage while I opted for the healing Hot Stone massage.  All my tense muscles were softened by the heat of the hot stones and my therapist Gemma was skillful.

At the Kai Spa, Dindo Salazar, Spa Manager introduces me to the therapists

Day of Departure: Au Revoir Discovery Shores !
Our Sea Air flight was at 12: 10. We wanted to enjoy a few hours on the beach with Jun Parreno, so we were out of our rooms at 9 AM. Our light breakfast included the deliciously healthy, loaded with antioxidants, fresh Kiwi juice that Grace Glory Go gave us.  It was a glorious sunny day, compared to the  overcast weather the day before.  I made the mistake of dressing up for my flight instead of putting on a sexy bikini!  So I was on the beach with my hat, and departure togs.  Saying good bye and leaving Discovery was difficult. Everyone was convincing us to stay another day. Jun P. made us promise to come back soon!  Au revoir, friends in Discovery Shores, see you again soon! 

Pre departure time on the beach with GM Jun Parreno and Cecile
Goofing around with Jun, who was convincing us to stay another day because of the good weather
Paradise indeed!


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