Saturday, April 2, 2011

Launch of ComPassion of Human Heart Nature

The Manila Society Lounge on Makati Avenue, was the venue of the launch of COMPASSION, a line of mineral make-up of Human Heart Nature, using passion fruit oil.  The line includes, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush on and powder.  Passion fruit is grown in a GK plantation in Pueblo Antonio in Davao .  So by buying the products, you are in fact helping the poor farmers earn from their produce.  

Mineral makeup of Human Heart Nature
Organic Products of Human Heart Nature 

Mineral make up is made from the earth’s natural products, free from harmful chemicals and is 100% natural and animal-cruelty free.  Human Heart Nature was founded in 2008 by Anna Meloto Wilk, and Camille Meloto, daughters of GawadKalinga Founder, Tony Meloto.  It was also conceptualized  by Dylan Wilk, husband of Anna, the Englishman who gave up his wealth in England to help serve the poorest of the poor in our country.  

Myself with Dylan and Anna
Camille Wilk –formulator of the products

When I met Dylan  Wilk in 2003, I was struck by his humility and simplicity. He gave me that uncanny feeling that beneath the simple façade is a man marked for greatness.   And he is proving it to me now, in so many ways.  Putting up the company Human Heart Nature with his wife Anna is a big step in helping our poor farmers sell their produce and earn more money. Their company is subsidizing the farmers in planting more produce, helping in their livelihood program.  More power to Dylan and Anna!  I wish them success in all their endeavors! They share their success with the poorest of the poor in our country.

The event also highlighted the participation of the different beauties of the Ms. Earth contest. Ms. Phil Earth (Psyche Ressus) Ms. Air (Rene McHugh), Ms. Water (Emily Cunananand), Ms. Fire (Hannah Landan), and Ms. Eco-tourism (Angelica Fernando).

The beauties  with Dylan Wilk and Anna Meloto Wilk

For those interested to order Human Heart Nature products,  (organic shampoo, conditioners, make up removers, deodorant, body lotion, hand sanitizers etc) call or text Pretzel: 09177910725; or Jessa 09486078355.


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