Monday, April 11, 2011

Jo Anne Rae Ramirez Post Birthday Lunch

It was a fun and leisurely post birthday luncheon that Jeannie Goulborn and I hosted for long time friend Jo Anne Rae Ramirez, the attractive  and stylish editor of People Asia Magazine, and Allure, a Sunday supplement of Philippine Star. Jo Anne Rae is also a stellar columnist of the Philippine Star where she runs a weekly article on People.  

Bob Miller and Ito Curata were the early birds and soon after, everyone arrived almost all at the same time.  Tall and chic Frances Lim, Jeannie’s younger sister helped me entertain the guests, whenever Jeannie was preoccupied elsewhere. KLM’s top marketing girl, Tess Zulueta, ex Northwest GM Bob Zosobrado,  Faaabulous photographer Rupert Jacinto and Style Guru wife Tina,  talented singer, and Phil Star colleague Bum Tenorio, (who entertained the group with his medley of songs, ranging from kundimans, to pop, to Broadway, to classical) and Essenses’ top Honcho lady Rhoda Aldanese, made up the lively group.   

Jeannie’s wellness partner and holistic nutritionist Dale Flores (who just graduated Summa cum laude on holistic nutrition) and I whipped up a healthy, and “non fat, anti aging” desserts. Yummy! Bob Miller, in between delicious bites, said, “OMG, everything is so so delicious, especially this “mamown! ”  He thought at first the individually packed lava cakes (Jo Anne’s gift to the group) were just plain chocolate mamon because they were shaped as such.  But they were so moist and with every bite, the lava from the center just oozed out, slurpy, slurpy! Since then, we called the lava cake “Mamown.”  LOL!

Look at all these healthy, but delicious appetizers: Shrimp on wheat toast, mushroom on wheat sesame toasties.

Fresh vegetarian lumpia; steamed salmon au citron and persil

Spring green salad with singkamas, carrots, greenolives, quesong puti and corn 

Seafood Paella 

Tuna and Shrimp balls with sweet, sour sauce on the side 

Mocha-choco Praline Crunch Cake-yummy!  

to die for, melts in your mouth, leche flan 

Rohoda Aldanese, Bob M, Ito C, and Bum Tenorio showing off the “mamown”.

A birthday is always a good excuse to reconnect with friends of yesteryears whose friendships are always cherished and appreciated. While our own busy schedules prevent  us from constant togetherness, the heart remains loyal and steadfast to the friendship.  

Front Rhoda Aldanese, JoAnne Rae Ramirez, Tess
Zulueta, Ito Curata. Back  Rupert Jacinto, Bob Zosobrado, Tina Jacinto, Bum Tenorio, Dale Flores, Bob Miller, Mayenne Carmona and Frances Lim.

Happy birthday dear Jo Anne! May you have many more birthdays to come with us around you always.  

Celebrant JoAnne Rae (center) with Bob Zosobrado, Frances Lim, Tess Zulueta, Mayenne Carmona, Tina Jacinto, and Bob Miller

Glitzy butterflies and fuschia bougainvilleas made the table so festive 

Jo Anne Rae, Tess Zulueta, Ito C. and Bob M.


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