Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FAABULOUS 2 BOOK OPENING Night Had Fabulous Guests

Guests started to trickle in by 6 PM like the invitation stated.  The guest of honor (some politician) was expected to arrive at 6.30. The only hitch of the enjoyable evening was his non-appearance and without as much as giving a warning at that.  Oh well!

The guests waited in a crowded foyer, as the organizers refused to open the exhibit without the ribbon cutter. Finally, they got smart and decided to go on with the show without the guest of honor.  The DESERVING show openers were the cover Ladies of the book- Pinky Puno, Mikaela Bilbao, Rebecca Wata, and the Peninsula Hotel’s new General Manager, Sonja Vodusek.

Wines and sparkling wines were overflowing, thanks to Manny Osmena who sponsored the event with his award winning wines and sparkling. The guests feasted on delicious Hors d Oveures supplied by the Peninsula, aside from the tasty lasagna, and Paella.

It was a fabulous evening all told. Lots of laughter and smiling faces, elegant men and women who took pleasure in looking at their FAAAbulous 60 x 40 portraits. Guests were happy to bring home loot bags from O.N.E. Naturales and Fila.

Jun Jun Ablaza, who fixed the exhibit, and I (the book editor) were early birds. My gown for the night was from the Pina and French Lace collection of Lulu Tan-- which can be bought at her boutique in Greenbelt 5.

I met Roy Gonzalez in Paris-- when he was the house designer of Jean Patou and I was there as a student of French. 

Faaabulous Pinky Puno

Coni Hau, Muslim Princess Rebecca Wata in Tadashi and Dr. Nik Lombos in Ito Curata. 

Richard Tiu admiring Linda Ley’s fab photo.

Namesakes and both from Cebu -Bettina Osmena and wine sponsor for the evening Manny Osmena.

Blue is beautiful-Tina Jacinto, book stylist with EPIC Magazine Editor in Chief/Writer/Blogger Trixie Torralba.

Book subject CEO of Calata enterprises Joseph Calata and his lady love.

Sister Act-Event Organizer and Wedding Planner Bangs Zaldivar and Mayor Olive Pascual, of Cagayan Valley.

Dress Designer Ito Curata and Frannie Jacinto pose in front of Frannie’s portrait.

Photographer par excellence Rupert Jacinto and his partner for life Tina Jacinto.

Cosmetic dentist Cecile Infantado, Hera Gerienne and lovely daughter Mara.

“Don’t ruffle my feathers”-quips Khristine Gabriel. 

Happy trio-Trixie, moi, and Cynthia Carrion

Burger Queen Fe Rodriguez, Fila Lady Cris Albert, and Roi Philipps.

Fashionista Lady Virginia Lane.

Chris Badgiola, Manny O, myself, Linda Ley and Chito Antonio.

Doctor turned Jeweler, Judy So

Marriott’s communications Officer looks stunning in a Frederick Peralta lilac gown.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yellow on Red

When Olga Azarcon and Randy Uson invited me for an evening of VEUVE Clicquot Vintage champagne coupled with a degustation menu, it was almost a command  to be there so as not to miss out on a special night of 5 star dining pleasure.  The well attended event was held at the RED of Makati Shangrila.

The menu was an excellent mixture of flavors and textures that titillated and stimulated my palate.  It was conceptualized by Chef du Cuisine William Tan and his Executive Chef Franco Brodini.  

For the first course, Veuve Cliquot Blanc Vintage 2002, was paired with  Yellow miso cured scallop with guacamole carpaccio, Granny Smith gel, Pecorino, sea urchin cream, and Imperial caviar on the side. 

2nd course was a wild Tasmanian salmon mi-cuit at 47 degrees, golden trout roe, pineapple marmalade, tomato velvet, micro tomato, lemon thyme cloud.  Sounds like a lot of food but the nouvelle cuisine portions were just right to give room for the piece de resistance.  This was served with Veuve Cliquot Rose Vintage 2002.  A sorbet of champagne and lavender essence with grated strawberry was served to cleanse the taste buds for the main course.

The piece de resistance, and which in fact was irresistible was a Slow roasted cured boneless rack of Dutch veal and 6-hours braised double headed abalone, conpoy floss, braised spring leek, Sofritto, raspberry infused veal jus.  Another Rose champagne was paired with this, Veuve Clicquot Rose Vintage 2004.

Light chocolate coated strawberry pudding citrus bonbon, apple cube as the sweet delight at the end was paired with Veuve Clicquot Rich 2002
Bravo to Olga and Randy and to the Red team for a an evening of gustatory pleasures that would have satisfied even the most jaded gourmands and gourmets. 

The winning team-Olga Azarcon and Randy Uson

Cebu’s talented dress designer, Jun Escario, cosmetic dentist Cecile Infantado and business man Richard Tiu were the gourmets who enjoyed the evening

Bons vivants Freddie Olbes, Maurice Arcache and Zee magazine lady Eva Gullas

Splendor in the center pieces!

Birthday wishes for Pepper Teehankee. May he have all the desires of his heart!

Birthday boy Randy U makes a wish

Cheers from spunky SPARK editor Carla Sibal and Nuvo’s marketing lady Malou Yambao

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meeting movie actor Daniel Lundh in Paris

In Paris, I met Daniel Lundh, one of Woody Allen’s shining stars in his latest film, Midnight in Paris.  The film has a stellar cast of characters to start with, including Carla Bruni, multi dimensional First Lady of France, Marion Cotillard, who has won an Oscar as best actress, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams.  Daniel Lundh plays the role of a Spanish matador. With his handsome dark looks, he is the perfect looking Spanish matador. 

Recently, on a cool Spring afternoon in Paris, fashion plate linguist, Jojo Banaag and I were on our way to Laduree, in St. Germain, my favorite place for tea.  Jojo B. and I just love their warm tarte tatin (apple tarte) and Mont Blanc! Yummy! Before I could blink an eye, a young handsome man sprang in front of us, giving Jojo a big abrazo.  They started to chat like they were the best of friends.  It turned out that they both live in the same apartment building in a chic quarter of Paris.  I instantly liked his soft spoken charm and “no airs” attitude, and right away invited him to a dinner party I was hosting the next evening for my family and friends.  

Midnight in Paris will be shown in Europe this May or June.  The film will open the Cannes Film Festival this May. 

Daniel Lundh’s dark good looks landed him a role as a Spanish matador in Midnight in Paris, the latest film of Woody Allen.

Bosom buddies- Daniel L. and Jojo B.

Daniel L. readily accepted my invitation to a dinner next evening after our meeting. 

Daniel L. with Woody Allen and Owen Wilson in between takes of the movie

Monday, April 18, 2011

Vicky Schmid’s Magnificent House

During my last visit to Europe last year, I visited my friend Vicky Schmid in Offenburg, Germany. She has a magnificent house, exquisite in its minimalism. 

It is a house that is perfect for meditation as the interiors are so pristine and uncluttered, with a view that is a manifestation of God’s glory. 

Vicky invited me over to attend the Alfred Gerardi Foundation’s 25th anniversary.   The foundation is her demised husband’s legacy, which awards Direct Marketing scholarships to deserving students.  Vicky Schmid and her husband, Hans Schmid, are one of the biggest players in the field of Direct Marketing.  

Visit their website :

Vicky  Schmid, (2nd from left,) Hans Schmid (third from left) at the back pose with the students that were awarded with the scholarships.  Photo taken in the University in Offenburg where the Awards were given. 

Hans and Vicky Schmid during the dinner they hosted for the different professors and business personalities that supported the Alfred Girardi Foundation. 

Myself with Professor Siegfried Voegeles

Pictures of the Schmid's magnificent house.... 

A cozy corner, an extension of the living room

Three is company- Vicky’s good friend Editha and I enjoying the panoramic view from her living room

Vicky’s pristine office.  Perfect place to think about the day’s work

The Schmids patronize up and coming young German artists

My meditation place was so uncluttered and so serene.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

MARIKO: Value For Your Money Beauty Treatments

Mariko, Tokyo, the Science of Japanese Dermatology is written on the attractive cover of their brochures. Underneath is “HINDI MAHAL MAGPAGANDA” which is indeed very attractive to the eyes of budget conscious men and women who wish to maintain their good looks, and have some minor weight problems.

I checked out the place upon hearing about it from a friend and was very satisfied with the service I got. And most importantly, the PRICE IS RIGHT! 

ESMI, the aesthetician assigned to me is a registered nurse.  She convinced me to have a Triple –C Gluta Facial with Vacuum and Laser accompanied by a Jet peel which cost me only PHP 350. A diamond peel cost only Php 149.00.  I looked over their brochure and compared prices with other Beauty Clinics and realized Mariko‘s prices are lower. Their Laser hair removal in the armpit cost PHP 450, Face PHP 999, Brazilian PHP 2550.  

I tried their BIO SCULPT- which is a painless way to remove fat from stubborn areas like the stomach, hips, thighs, arms etc. They placed self adhesive electrode pads on the areas I selected.  I felt no discomfort. The electro stimulation supposedly breaks down the triglycerides in the fat cells into tiny free fatty acids, which the lymph system is able to remove from the body.  I noticed a minor improvement in the areas I selected. I will do it a couple more times until I am satisfied with the results I am after.   This cost me only PHP 399 per treatment. 

Check them out, they have 4 salons in different locations- 
Makati: Ground floor, LPL Manor, LP Leviste St., Salcedo  Village. Tel- 5532394; 
Greenhills- Groundfloor, Richbelt Tower, Annapolis St. tel 725-9406;  
Pasay City Ground floor, Holiday Plaza, Arnaiz St. 552-1402;  
Mandaluyong Circle near the City Hall-tel 477-5736. 

Esmi, my aesthetician who did a triple Gluta with jet peel on me, among other treatments.  

Facial with jet peel did my skin a lot of good! 

Bio Sculpt-Painless and effective way to lose inches.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jo Anne Rae Ramirez Post Birthday Lunch

It was a fun and leisurely post birthday luncheon that Jeannie Goulborn and I hosted for long time friend Jo Anne Rae Ramirez, the attractive  and stylish editor of People Asia Magazine, and Allure, a Sunday supplement of Philippine Star. Jo Anne Rae is also a stellar columnist of the Philippine Star where she runs a weekly article on People.  

Bob Miller and Ito Curata were the early birds and soon after, everyone arrived almost all at the same time.  Tall and chic Frances Lim, Jeannie’s younger sister helped me entertain the guests, whenever Jeannie was preoccupied elsewhere. KLM’s top marketing girl, Tess Zulueta, ex Northwest GM Bob Zosobrado,  Faaabulous photographer Rupert Jacinto and Style Guru wife Tina,  talented singer, and Phil Star colleague Bum Tenorio, (who entertained the group with his medley of songs, ranging from kundimans, to pop, to Broadway, to classical) and Essenses’ top Honcho lady Rhoda Aldanese, made up the lively group.   

Jeannie’s wellness partner and holistic nutritionist Dale Flores (who just graduated Summa cum laude on holistic nutrition) and I whipped up a healthy, and “non fat, anti aging” desserts. Yummy! Bob Miller, in between delicious bites, said, “OMG, everything is so so delicious, especially this “mamown! ”  He thought at first the individually packed lava cakes (Jo Anne’s gift to the group) were just plain chocolate mamon because they were shaped as such.  But they were so moist and with every bite, the lava from the center just oozed out, slurpy, slurpy! Since then, we called the lava cake “Mamown.”  LOL!

Look at all these healthy, but delicious appetizers: Shrimp on wheat toast, mushroom on wheat sesame toasties.

Fresh vegetarian lumpia; steamed salmon au citron and persil

Spring green salad with singkamas, carrots, greenolives, quesong puti and corn 

Seafood Paella 

Tuna and Shrimp balls with sweet, sour sauce on the side 

Mocha-choco Praline Crunch Cake-yummy!  

to die for, melts in your mouth, leche flan 

Rohoda Aldanese, Bob M, Ito C, and Bum Tenorio showing off the “mamown”.

A birthday is always a good excuse to reconnect with friends of yesteryears whose friendships are always cherished and appreciated. While our own busy schedules prevent  us from constant togetherness, the heart remains loyal and steadfast to the friendship.  

Front Rhoda Aldanese, JoAnne Rae Ramirez, Tess
Zulueta, Ito Curata. Back  Rupert Jacinto, Bob Zosobrado, Tina Jacinto, Bum Tenorio, Dale Flores, Bob Miller, Mayenne Carmona and Frances Lim.

Happy birthday dear Jo Anne! May you have many more birthdays to come with us around you always.  

Celebrant JoAnne Rae (center) with Bob Zosobrado, Frances Lim, Tess Zulueta, Mayenne Carmona, Tina Jacinto, and Bob Miller

Glitzy butterflies and fuschia bougainvilleas made the table so festive 

Jo Anne Rae, Tess Zulueta, Ito C. and Bob M.